The biggest differences between Genshin Impact mobile and PC 


While Genshin Impact has similar content on mobile and PC, there are some notable advantages to playing on either platform.

As the world of Teyvat has grown and more characters have been added to the game, Genshin Impact has become much more complex. There are many more things to do and characters to meet compared to the game’s 2020 launch. But all the new scenery and mechanics can make the game more difficult to run with less precise mobile controls. The game’s new areas also look quite different on mobile. Here are all the pros and cons between playing Genshin Impact on PC and mobile.

The biggest differences between Genshin Impact mobile and PC

The biggest difference between the mobile and PC Genshin Impact versions is the controls. On PC, players can use custom binds to make several actions only require one input. On mobile, Genshin Impact players only have digital buttons for opening maps or checking weapons. Character movement is also somewhat tricker on mobile, making tight jumps and turnarounds more challenging. 

The mouse is also more precise when used to control the camera, which matters a lot for certain characters. Bow users that rely on charged shots, such as Yelan or Ganyu, become much more difficult to use on mobile compared to PC. Hitboxes in Genshin Impact are surprisingly unforgiving, and missing a charged Frostflake Arrow or other charged shot never feels good. Aiming certain elemental bursts like Venti’s Wind’s Grand Ode or Raiden Shogun’s Musou Shinsetsu can be tough unless someone is very familiar with the mobile controls.

The other major difference between PC and mobile Genshin Impact is graphics. The mobile version of the game runs surprisingly well on older devices, but busy zones like Montadt or Liyue can look compartively poor. The mobile version always makes the player character look good, but on PC, everything can look that good, including the vast surrounding scenery.

Mobile Genshin Impact’s biggest advantage is that it’s mobile

When deciding between Genshin Impact mobile and PC, players should turn to the time-tested advice of using what they most like. For all the graphical and control advantages of the PC, it’s impossible to lug around a full computer in your pocket. Many of the downsides of Genshin Impact mobile also disappear on more powerful hardware with a bigger screen.

The game also features complete crossplay and cross-progression, so players can stay on the same account between their PC and phone versions of the game. Genshin Impact fans can watch big story moments and play events on PC while completing daily commissions later on their couch. Both platforms have the exact same content, so you won’t miss out no matter which platform you’re playing on.


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