The Career Of Germany’s Chancellor 


Politics is the dirtiest thing in the world. You can film many series about traitors, ridiculous ideas, different unknown politicians and only one working day. Yet sometimes that happens to be a person that can make proper changes in economics and political spheres. One such strong person we will talk about today is Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany. Politics looks like gambling. You understand what will be discussed or done, though you always get different results. So as if you are interested in gambling then test your luck at the online casino baccarat

    How Did Everything Start? 

 So what do you think, when did Angela Merkel decide to start her own business? Maybe she got into a dissident circle in her youth? Or vice versa, climbed the slippery party ladder? All wrong. As a result, the thirty-five-year-old Merkel came only in December 1989, when the Berlin Wall had already collapsed, and Honecker was dismissed. Before that, Merkel worked at the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Academy of Sciences of the GDR. No statements, and no signs of interest in testing. 

     So, in December 1989, an interest in politics suddenly awakened Merkel. She enrolls in the newly founded Democratic Breakthrough Party. Merkel works there as a “PC operator”. The first months are free. She was transferred to a full-time position only in February 1990. This is happening on the personal orders of one of the founders of the party, Wolfgang Schnur, who somehow liked Angela. Cord first entrusts her with the preparation of leaflets, and then appoints her as the press secretary of the party. Well, let’s say – the Komsomol experience of working with the audience and all that. 

      In March 1990, the first free elections were held in the GDR. The dwarfed and uninteresting Democratic Breakthrough gained less than one percent and, quite obviously, should have disappeared from the political horizon. He participated in the elections as part of the Alliance for Germany. Thanks to CDU they got the opportunity to apply for positions in the new government.

    Back in early October, Merkel was sent as one of three delegates to the CDU’s unification congress in Hamburg. There, for the first time, she personally spoke with Chancellor Kohl. And after the reunification of Germany, Merkel received a position as an adviser in the press service (again!) of the government. Apparently, she wrote good texts and carried out excellent media campaigns. However, it does not matter. It is still an intermediate position. In December 1990, the first all-German elections were to be held. And Merkel suddenly has the opportunity to consolidate her influence in the CDU, where she is still an inexperienced newcomer with no connections.

      Merkel showed good results in her constituency and in December 1990 became a member of the Bundestag. Well, pretty good for a complete novice in politics, and in such a short amount of time. 

    Suddenly, Kohl appoints Merkel as head of the Ministry of Women and Youth Affairs. Yes, this is not the most significant department formed after the disaggregation of the old Ministry of Youth, Family, Women, and Health. But, whatever one may say, this is a ministerial position. Merkel became a federal minister. 

      That is, Angela Merkel, an ordinary citizen of the GDR, without connections and political ambitions, in record time became the federal minister of the most important European country in a critical period. I repeat once again: she went from an ordinary physicist to a ministerial position in the Kohl government in just a year. 

As A Result

      We consider Merkel herself the best German chancellor of the last half-century. And problems with the biography are a well-known problem of many post-war chancellors. Look, Willy Brandt even has a fictitious name. And nothing, he coped with everything, carrying out the necessary maneuvers and preparing a bridgehead for Kohl. And Merkel was simply brought into a game too quickly. In conservative Germany, they did not take into account the context of the hyper-information era. As a result, this gave rise to natural disturbing versions. 


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