A patch, often known as labelling cloth is a ripped piece of cloth which can be secured to the fabric by pins or sewn on. The most modern methods are available , such as iron-on adhesive or Velcro.

These patches were designed to be a reliable identification tool for uniformed and military personnel, a long time ago. It is still possible to make patches to show your personality.

Nowadays, they are used to signify rank, position or even a particular unit, by government teams, sports leagues and even businesses. The embroidered patches were worn for centuries to serve a purpose, for example, covering up imperfectionsand marking individuals in jerseys. However, that all changed a couple of years ago.

Background of the Trend

Young people walked out on the streets during the first 1960s to protest against the Vietnam War. Following that, a new counter-movement was born in the mid-’60s. showing their support with signs of unity, flower-adorned headbands and patches. They were ideologues, and they were adamant about love and compassion. Although their movements had an impact on the world, they also influenced. Hipsters shopped for military surplus clothing and began to embellish the garments with patches of cloth. These patches displayed the movement of the body and were engraved or embellished in a satirical and revolutionary manner.

Although they received a new look in the 1980s patches were essentially the same thing, namely an identification mark and a unity badge. The hippie movement morphed to become the punk trend in latter half of the 1970s and into the early 1980s. The people had enough peace and understanding to fight the issues and then take more extreme actions – including chains and spikes.

The spirit of the rebellion spread to UK and Europe and the fashion icons like Viviane Westwood, and Jean Paul Gautier helped popularize what was deemed “anti-fashion.” The Punks carried patches on their sides of the shoulders, or on backs of customized jackets, denim vests or leather jackets, with their favourite artists.

Metal heavy was popular during the 1980s, too. Metalhead fashion’s fundamental elements remained unaltered: black clothing as well as long hair and leather jackets. They were usually embellished by album tees, patches and wristbands with spikes. The clothes worn by headbangers have its roots in the subgroups of bikers and rock groups. Like many subcultures of music the preferences of the wearer were reflected in the symbols and the logos.

Each day since the patch has been being revived and improved. Check out the most recent Marc Jacobs or Gucci limited editions. The idea is to get an inspiration and recognition on streets. The streets are a symbol of the social-political conditions and also of fashion sensibilityand individuality.

Modern patches are typically iron-on. This means that they’re glued to the back of the patch, so even the case that you’re not a skilled DIY artist (like the majority of us) there’s no reason to not try this look and let every single item of clothing show your personal style. You can buy something with patches already embossed using the latest trends (which requires no thought) What’s the excitement and the innovation in the process? You’ve probably thought about having at minimum one unique item and not having to worry about other people wearing the same clothing.

Fashion your clothes by putting patches on your clothes.

They can be put on nearly everything you’re about to see like coats, jeans T-shirts, sweatshirts and bags, shoes and even phones cases. These can help you appear stylish and elegant, courageous and bold.

Hippie Style

Without telling you how the whole thing started, it’s not possible to discuss patches. It is possible to apply patches to your denim jackets and jeans to create a classic hippy style, all you have to do is add some nice things with lollipops, sunshine and rainbows, this kind of thing.

Heavy Metal Style

You can add a variety of embellishments and studs to a denim jacket and put it on over the band shirt, best white with a skirt or jeans for a chic and slick 80s Metalhead look. For a finishing touch to the outfit it is possible to add an oblique belt or a dog necklace with a tag.

Punk Style

It is possible to wear the high waisted patched black Jeans with jewelled jacket leopard creepers and a different hair color to create an edgy, contemporary style. You can finish it off with an black bandana as well as a necklace encased in leather.

The Less is More Patch Style

The best method to begin infusing the patch craze into your clothing is to get an old tee, then choose and put on any design you like. Since one is an option, you can add more (in this instance aliens). Add the grunge look by wearing a choker with tattoos and denim jeans.

The Military P-Style

Place your patches where they were initially intended to be on your jacket. If military ees were in no way the only stylish piece of clothing available and now you’re able to add all kinds of things. Pick a patch and wear the patch on top of your shirt. Just a few pins and diamonds will make it more attractive. Add to a beautiful jewelry piece and you’re finished!

Refresh your Old Clothes

You can make your boring old clothes any day using the patches made of cloth. If you don’t have them at home, you could purchase them in bulk or make your own patches. Let us offer you some suggestions.

An Old Track Jacket

Wear vintage track jackets with the patches made of cloth that you can purchase from any online store and you’ll be delighted. Set a few different patches on the red jacket. It will make the jacket more interesting, while remaining easy for the overall appearance.

On A Vintage Jeans

The most well-known types of wearing patches, adorning patches on jeans is the highest . It is possible to add an attractive bag an outer jacket and a matching scarf that makes you appear an outfit. OR You can simply apply a few tiny patches on each leg, and then put on your custom-made jean by adding basic black shirts and a funky blazer chains, and a stunning sandal lace-up to create more sophisticated look.

on your Sneakers

With these cute and interesting patches, you could enhance your worn-out and basic white sneakers. You can dress in simple jeans and an white t-shirt to make your outfit look more elegant.


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