Hurdles Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. That is secured by cryptography. And is used in works as a medium of exchange value. Cryptocurrency is used to secure and verify all transactions. It is also called entries in a distributed database, which is called the blockchain. This blockchain is managed by the computer network. That works as open-source software like Bitcoin Equaliser.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. That is duplicated between multiple computers connect with a network. In cryptocurrency, a block is a single record of new transactions. Every next block is connected to the other block/ transaction. The list of blocks can create a chain. This blockchain is called the blockchain.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process in which bitcoin transactions are verified. And stored in a block on the blockchain. The bitcoin mining term is used. Because when any transaction is done a new block is created. This new block is rewarded with new bitcoin. It is the only way that is used to create new coins.

The miner computer must be the first computer on the network that is used to solve a cryptographic puzzle. It can help to store bitcoin transactions.

What is an E-wallet and why do you need one of them to hold cryptocurrency?

Phil Woods is the founder of Abele Group says ‘A crypto wallet is a software or hardware, That is used to the encryption key.’ Every e-wallet is specially designed to hold one or more specific crypto’s.

There are 1600+ different cryptocurrencies are exist in the world. That’s why there is a large number of wallets available to handle bitcoins or other crypto transactions.

Four Biggest Hurdles

  1. Liquidity
  2. Custody
  3. Education
  4. Accessibility


Liquidity is one biggest hurdles for crypto institutional firms. Its impacts marketing scalability. It provides the best and fast execution time and takes less transaction time. Liquidity can boost up the transaction time. It helps users to fastly verify their address. And the transaction is done within the hour.


When someone buys bitcoin currency. They assigned them unique encryption codes. These codes are called private keys. If the user can be misplaced or deleted the private keys. Then the user’s digital money will be gone. They can’t do anything without the private key. No private key is means there is no bitcoin. 

Technically, the record of this bitcoin is stored on the blockchain. But without private keys, the bitcoin currency is completely unaccessible. No one can get back these bitcoins without private keys. 

Abele Group in Singapore is launch Abele trust, a digital custodian. They can store cryptocurrency keys for both retail or institutional clients. This thing can help users to get back their bitcoins. That he lost because they deleted the private keys. So, the issue of missing private keys is solved as much as possible.


Many people do not like bitcoin cryptocurrency because they don’t know about it. Richards reported, he agrees that crypto is not easy to understand. But people use it every day without having extra knowledge.

So, they decided to educate people about bitcoin cryptocurrency. That will help digital currencies to make their value high. 


The accessibility hurdle can be handle in a very cool way. The covert fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. These flat currencies can be converted by using different wallets.

The most popular wallet is ‘Coinbase’. This wallet provides a user-friendly interface. It is very easy to understand. It helps customers to purchase one of eight cryptos. Customers can easily buy cryptocurrency with a credit card on coin base wallet. 

But, it is not enough for cryptocurrencies. They try more mainstreams firms are warming up to access to cryptocurrency. It also helps the Coinbase wallet. That allows their clients to view their crypto holding. and also alongside their investments.

Bitcoin Challenges that must be overcome

  1. Less supportive mobile Platform
  2. Dawdling Transactions
  3. Costly Transactions
  4. Less Privacy

Less supportive mobile Platform

Some many businesses and agencies are supporting bitcoins. It is very shocking, that some tech-giants companies do not support bitcoins on mobile platforms. Some of the tech giant companies are decided to ban bitcoin wallets. Google or Apple company decide to ban all bitcoin wallet applications on their App store.

Bitcoin is an outstanding payment method. That allows users fast and easy transactions. Every user can send or receive bitcoin currency by using a mobile wallet. There is no need to go to bank accounts and carry out the transaction. But, Government does not like this type of transaction. That’s why they deal with Google and Apple companies. These two companies support the government. And they decide to ban bitcoin wallets on the App store.

Dawdling Transactions

One of the biggest challenges for the bitcoins currency is its transaction time. Bitcoin currency takes a long time to process the bitcoin transaction. The bitcoin users face dawdling transactions when they are processed on the blockchain. When a user trying to transfer bitcoin. This transaction takes 43 minutes to completely verify their address. The cost fee of dawdling transactions is so high. Every user who wants to get their transaction needs to verify first.

Such a type of user who does not want to pay the high transaction fee. They need to wait for hours to complete their transaction. When a bitcoin owner goes to any retail store that accepts payment in bitcoin form. The owner needs to verify first on the blockchain. If its verification is cleared, then the transaction is complete on the blockchain.  This blockchain transaction verification process is done by Minner computers. 

Costly Transactions

As you can understand bitcoin transaction is required a verified address. This verification process can take a large amount of time. If you don’t have any extra time, then you need to pay extra as a transaction fee. A high transaction fee will increase your verification speed. As much as you pay a high transaction fee your verification method takes less time. But, if you don’t want to pay any transaction fee. Then, you need to wait for an hour to complete the verification. The speed of your verification depends on your transaction fee.

Most businesses hate bitcoin payment because of its high transaction fee or delay verification method. Every business wants to complete its transaction within minutes. That’s why they choose any other currency in their payment method. Because other currency or methods complete their transaction quickly and easily.

Less Privacy

Most people say bitcoin is a private system. But it’s not completely true. Bitcoin is an anonymous network. But it is not a completely private network. Every transaction that is done by bitcoin is recorded on the distributed public ledger. This blockchain is creating a privacy issue for the users. The user can face less safe on the blockchain.

Every bitcoin transaction is hashed and not encrypted. This thing makes all transaction is available for analysis and public scrutiny.


I hope you will understand how many hurdles bitcoin has recently overcome. Also know a deep knowledge about bitcoins. You will understand bitcoin is an anonyms currency. But it is not a private currency. So, you need to save yourself from hackers or other cheaters. You also need to choose a good wallet to sell or buy bitcoins. I hope this article is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any problems or questions about this topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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