Each change of seasons triggers an unstoppable desire to switch up our looks. The new winter hair color trends are already occupying our Insta feed. Even though they’re all gorgeous, not everyone is ready for a full-color dye job. If you’re searching for a more subtle way to refresh your look, we recommend the simple money piece technique. Take a look at our list of pretty winter money piece hair ideas and pin your top picks to show your colorist.

The money piece aesthetic involves dying the front strands in a different shade from your natural color. If you have black hair, choose an emerald shade for your money piece to create a seductive, mystic appearance.

You can stay into the darker zone with a brown shade over your black front strands. This look is very wearable, yet gives off grungy vibes.

Choose winter money piece hair in a contrasting shade to create the most captivating look. Apply blonde dye over your dark pieces to recreate this chic look.

If you’re feeling bold, here’s a money piece hair that will compliment your adventurous side. Choose a vibrant pink full-color dye job and apply a blonde shade to your front strands to soften the look.

Spice up your look with rose gold winter money piece hair. This pastel pink shade will add a romantic vibe to your overall appearance.

Show off your free-spirited personality with a multicolored money piece. To recreate this unique look, use purple and orange shades. Apply the shades gradually for a seamless transition of color.

Brighten up your cold days with an orange winter money piece hair. To add even more charm to the look, add inverted highlights on the inner layers of hair.

Your winter money piece hair doesn’t have to be loud and contrasting. If you prefer a more wearable look, choose a shade that’s closer to your current color. This subtle blonde money piece on auburn hair is barely noticeable but still looks super refreshing.

For the blondes who like to experiment, we recommend this winter money piece hair. Paint your front strands yellow and add an orange shade on the ends for an ultra-vibrant look.


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