‘The Order’ is a horror-comedy series that follows Jack Morton, a Belgrave University student who joins the realm of magic after joining a secret club to avenge his mother’s sad fate. 

After joining the other organization, Jack finds himself in hot water, and havoc erupts. When the play premiered in 2019, reviewers and fans applauded it for its intriguing plot, shockingly hilarious, and extremely enjoyable.

Additionally, Dennis Heaton’s design garnered six ‘Leo Award’ nominations. In March 2019, Netflix revived the spooky series. Following they’re binge-watch of the second season, fans must be wondering: Will there be a third season of ‘The Order’? If so, when will it be available? Let us ascertain!

The Order Season 3 Release Date

Regrettably, the series may not be renewed for another season. Dennis Heaton, the series’ producer, shared the information on his Twitter account.

On November 14, 2020, something happened that was undoubtedly wrong, particularly for The Order’s adherents.

No, I am not scaring you anymore. The renowned streaming site under which the Order premieres, Netflix is adamant about not resuming this collection anytime soon.

The Order previously aired two seasons; however, the third season has been canceled. At the moment, Netflix has not explained the cancellation of The Order, and as of 2020, they have already canceled numerous seasons.

The primary objective of the cancellation will be moderate viewing, and Netflix will skip through any exhibit with a poor audience.

We’ll understand why Netflix canceled it enrages the fans; nonetheless, the current fan base suggests continued hostility to resurrect the series.

The Order Season 3 Plot

Season 2 starts up immediately after the conclusion of the previous season. After the Order wipes their memories, the Knights work to reclaim them. 

They also devise a plot to seek vengeance on their adversaries, but their plans unravel as they are confronted by voracious magicians, destructive cults, and ferocious demons. 

Alyssa is labeled a terrorist in the finale due to Salvadore Grant. Midnight and Silverback wage an all-out struggle to dethrone Jack as champion, winning the latter.

With Jack in Silverback, Gabrielle is dubbed the new Midnight champion. She transforms into a werewolf and very certainly murders Alyssa, causing Vera to lose her power.

Randall sacrifices Councilwoman Kepler to reclaim Lilith Bathory from the demon world. Randall completes his task, but Lilith is resurrected as a demon.

Season 3 will focus on the fallout from the season 2 conclusion. Although Alyssa seems to be dead, there is a good chance that Jack will go to great lengths to bring her back. 

Or is she still alive but unconscious? Given that Vera seems to have lost her power, Jack and Alyssa (assuming she is still alive) may have to work together to reclaim it for her. 
They may also have to contend with The Order’s and Midnight’s vengeance. Additionally, it will depict Jack and Alyssa coping with the consequences of utilizing the most potent magic, The Vade Maecum. Lilith is now a demon; she may choose between reverting to human form and remaining a demon forever.


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