The Timothy Sykes Scam
The Timothy Sykes Scam

If you work in stocks, then you’ve definitely come across the name Timothy Sykes before. Exclusively trading in penny stocks, Timothy has enjoyed great success as a hedge fund manager, trader, philanthropist, and educator as well. In fact, Tim was so successful and so adept at trading, that he was a millionaire before he graduated college, dealing solely in penny stocks.

However, what truly made Timothy a household name, and not in the best way, was the infamous ‘Timothy Sykes Scam’. More than a few people came forward to allege that Timothy’s DVDs were just a scam for him to make money and that his history as a trader and hedge fund manager was nothing more than a fabrication.

This article will take a look at Timothy’s history, his trading techniques and the results thereof, in order to dispel these rumors and illustrate that Timothy is as good as his word and his success speaks for itself.


Timothy’s relationship with penny stocks goes back to the early 90s while he was still a student at college. In fact, trading in penny stocks appealed to him so much that he was skipping classes so he could simply day trade in penny stocks. It started off when he was confined to bed rest after a sports-related injury and he would trade to pass the time away. Luckily, that injury turned out to be the best thing that could happen to him. His proficiency was such that he turned his $12,415 bar mitzvah money into $2,000,000 by the time he left college.

After graduating from college, it made sense for Tim to set up his own hedge fund and he managed to find some success, albeit not at the same level as his early penny stock trading days. Slowly he gained recognition, from counterparts in the industry, as one of the best fund managers in the market. The fund also managed to achieve favorable rankings among consumers, the market, industry experts, and regulators as well. While the fund did experience a few difficult years, it was an overall success with investors walking away quite happy with their returns.

With the publication of his autobiography, ‘An American Hedge Fund’, Tim found more fame and he inspired others to take up penny stock trading as well. In addition to speaking on his life and career, Tim also gave tips and advice on what they needed to do to become successful traders. The success of the book also led to interviews with some well-known channels like CNN and Fox News, and with big names such as Steve Harvey and even Larry King!

Seeing the number of people inspired by his life story and their interest in stock trading, Timothy found motivation for his next endeavor. He went on to produce a range of educational DVDs that dealt with a range of subjects including the basics of penny stocks, trading, stock and market analysis, taxation, and investment strategy.

From DVDs, he moved on to online subscription-based services, with the “Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge” finding the most success. In addition to the vast educational video library, you also get alerts for stock tips, market analysis, and articles that help with your trading and also give you an edge over your competition.


If you consider the strategy that Tim Sykes employs with his investments and the success his students have found, you begin to realize that the Timothy Sykes Scam was nothing more than speculation and rumor. What’s worse is that, as a society, we tend to believe and promote rumor of a negative nature with more enthusiasm, not caring about the consequences in the process.

For example, let’s look at the investment strategy that Tim implements in his trades. Short term based trades, be they in penny stocks or other types, is a very unique strategy and is employed by traders and brokers around the world. Rather than conjure up some secret strategy that Tim only divulges if you buy his products, he’s pretty much open about it and has discussed it on multiple forums. The highlight of Tim’s lessons is how he teaches you to approach things like analysis and market research to have the most impact on your trades. You learn off of his instincts in the process too.

Another quality that sets Tim apart from your everyday scam artists is the transparency with which he operates. Not only does he send out alerts and notifications on stock tips and market analysis, but he’s also pretty transparent about the trades he carries out, letting you see how he makes his money. This goes against the modus operandi of your usual scam artist. There’s also the fact that Tim doesn’t ask his students to invest in his funds or to let him trade with your money. He just teaches and always advises a prudent approach, like telling his students to start investment off at the $12000 mark and not exceed it under any circumstances.

Also, in finding success, Tim has also learned to give back to the community. Considering Tim no longer manages a hedge fund and the bulk of his active trading days are behind him, he spends most of his time either making content for his educational services or carrying out philanthropic works. Some of the charitable organizations Tim has worked with, or donated money to, including Pencils of Promise, and Save the Reef. Quite recently, he also set up the Timothy Sykes Foundation which engages in various charitable activities helping different communities across the country.


As a society, we tend to fail in differentiating between rumor and fact. The Timothy Sykes Scam is one such example and judgment was passed without looking at all the facts, which wouldn’t have taken long especially in today’s internet age. Timothy Sykes has found great success and has managed to pass on his knowledge to students who have found success of their own.


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