The unlikely meme hit of 2021 – Apple’s Polishing Cloth – is back in stock


If you were to look back on the events of the past year, what would you absolutely not have predicted last January? Here at AppleMagazine, a strong contender would be the improbable sales success story that was the official Apple-branded Polishing Cloth, which has now returned to stock.

You see, back in October when the microfiber cloth was first released, it took less than a day to sell out. And while the price tag of $19 – which remains the case for the product’s return – did raise eyebrows among many, the Polishing Cloth has also lived up to the Apple reputation for exacting quality.

After all, as we have previously reported, you can’t necessarily treat a cloth as ‘just’ a cloth when it comes to keeping your beloved Apple device in immaculate condition. When the Cupertino firm released the Pro Display XDR back in 2019, it urged customers not to use their own cloths to clean their new display; only Apple’s own dry polishing cloth would do for taking care of the optional nano-texture glass finish.

And sure enough, 2021’s hit Apple Polishing Cloth is made from a soft and nonabrasive material that treats any Apple display gently, including your Pro Display XDR.

Although, at the time of this article being written, the Polishing Cloth didn’t seem to be available at Apple’s brick-and-mortar retail outlets, we did visit the online store, and the product was shown as “in stock”.

So, those of you who missed out on one of history’s stranger autumn crazes last year now have the chance to directly experience just how good an official Apple Polishing Cloth can be – with shipping, pleasingly, also free.


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