The untamed includes a variety of complex storylines running that it is difficult to keep track of the many ins and outs of the series. A standout among the show’s most controversial characters to emerge in the show is Jiang Cheng (Wang Zhou Cheng). With a variety of reasons why that he’s one of the worst characters or totally untruthful, we’re diving into Jiang Cheng and what makes people who love the show so in love with Jiang Cheng’s character.

Jiang Cheng: the backstory

The moment Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan) is adopted by Jiang Fengmian (Lu Jiangmin), Jiang Cheng becomes Wei Wuxian’s new sibling. The two have rough beginnings, because Wei Wuxian is scared of dogs while Jiang Cheng is forced to remove his own pets to accommodate his new sibling. But, Jiang Cheng does come around , and the two form a genuine relationship as brothers.

The fact that Jiang Fengmian’s favouritism of Wei Wuxian is beginning to cause tension between the two brothers. The tension reached its peak when Wei Wuxian defends Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo) from Wen Chao (He Peng) He Peng, and Wen Chao subsequently murders the Jiang Clan in retaliation. Wei Wuxian takes over as an heir to the throne of Yiling and is a faction that Jiang is in support of, and is content that his brother is safe from the massacre of Wen Chao.

When Wei Wuxian is able to go to fight Jiang Chen’s Jin Sect in order to protect the two Wen Sect members, Jiang Chen becomes more concerned about Wei Wuxian’s association with the dark arts.

After Jiang Cheng’s sister Jiang Yanli (Xuan Lu) sacrifices herself to save Wei Wuxian. all tension between the two brings to an end as Jiang Cheng murders Wei Wuxian.

If Wei Wuxian does end up revived, he is regretting his past actions that caused Jiang Yanli’s death as well as his split with Jiang Cheng. However Jiang Cheng’s animosity and jealousy of Wei Wuxian only grows.

Wei Wuxian the hero

People who dislike Jiang Cheng obviously love Wei Wuxian and with good reason. Wei is the charming, brilliant and loyal protagonist in the show The Untamed and the fans of the show are all with Team Wei Wuxian.

While Wei Wuxian may have made a few mistakes that have had devastating consequences, he’s certainly not criminal. The initial tension that exists of Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian is due to their father’s obvious preference for Wei Wuxian and his extraordinary talent, which is out of his reach.

When Jiang Cheng blames his brother for the near-to-suicide that was the Jiang Clan, Wei Wuxian’s affection to Lan Wangji, the reason for the band The Untamedits dimension is the reason that led him to fight Wen Chao, so fans cannot help but beg him to forgive him.

Wei Wuxian’s real intentions for Jiang Cheng

Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian fight each other, as Jiang Cheng knocks Wei Wuxian unconscious. While Jiang Cheng is gearing up to take on Lan Wangji too, Wen Ning (Paul Yu) is seen and tells Jiang Cheng that Wei Wuxian had once saved Jiang Cheng’s life by putting his own gold core inside Jiang Cheng.

For those who cultivate, a golden center is a person’s life. The realization that Wei Wuxian saved his life with no knowledge has a major impact on Jiang Cheng, as he is both angry that his strength was not enough to require the help of his brother and irritated that he did not know that his brother was stepping to help him. The brothers are able to form a new bond however, they are still in significant tension between the two.

Jiang Cheng can be cruel and angry, however, knowing his frustration with his brother who is adopted is an important aspect of the dynamic relationship between Jiang Cheng and his brother in the novel Untamed. The two’s bond has endured loss, jealousy and even sacrifice. Seeing how they have been able to endure such a rollercoaster brings every character in the story an entirely new dimension.


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