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Back dimples form indentations on the lower part of your back. The indentations are on that joint at the point where your pelvis and spine meet, which is just above your butt. Have a look at these amazing Venus Holes Facts or Dimples of Venus facts below!

Dimples of Venus are made by a short ligament that connects the superior iliac spine which is the outside edge of the iliac bone as well as your skin.

The dimples on the back are known as dimples that are ascribed to Venus. This is a fictitious name however it is generally accepted by the medical profession. The name derives from Venus The Roman goddess of beauty. Her dimples in the back are usually considered to be a sign of beauty for women.

The back dimples are common for females born. It is based on the gender it’s on and the gender of the person. It is called Apollo holes for men or Venus holes for women. It is located on the lower portion of the rear.

They can’t be made to appear with exercise since there’s no muscle in this region to make them appear more toned. But, losing weight could result in back dimples becoming more noticeable.

What are Back Dimples | Venus Holes Facts

Many people have them, but many are unaware of the meaning behind them. Dimples on the back or Venus are tiny holes found in the back of your lower part. These are two small holes that some believe to be sexy, while for others, they are just an odd genetic characteristic.

According to Romans, they claim to derive their name in honor of Venus, the goddess of beauty. However, aside from these erroneous factual claims, dimples can be linked to greater blood circulation, less body fat, and healthier lifestyles, not sexual features.

They are located directly over the buttocks, so people often refer to them as dimples of the buttocks. The venus holes may appear of various sizes and shapes, and, in some cases, slim or fat people may be affected by them, though they might not even have any.

Do back dimples represent an indicator of health?

Technically, Venusian dimples are called sacral dimples. They’re named that due to their location just above the sacroiliac joint. This joint is where the iliac bone joins with the sacrum of the spine. The iliac crest is the reason for the dimples, and that is why they are also referred to as iliac holes.

The back dimples are healthy and are not associated with any health issues. While many people suffer from back issues, particularly in the lower region of the back where the dimples are, There is no connection between the dimples. In reality, dimples are a sign of good health, a low-fat diet, and a healthy genetic makeup.

In males, these holes are known as Apollo holes. They appear the same way for women. They are not directly beneficial for an individual’s health. However, they will surely enhance the appearance rapidly.

Back dimples vs. sacral dimples

Dimples in the back along with sacral dimples share some features, however, there are a number of significant distinctions.

Back dimples are dimples on both sides of their back and those who have sacral dimples usually will have one. It’s located above the crease of the buttocks.

Dimples of both kinds typically appear when you are born.

The two types of dimples are usually benign. However, while the back dimples are cosmetic and a sacral dimple can be often associated with medical conditions, like:

  • Spina bifida , occulta is a mild type of spina Bifida. In spina bifida the spine does not close completely, however, the spinal cord remains in its spinal canal. The condition is usually not a cause of symptoms.
  • Tethered cord syndrome is when the tissue attaches your spinal cord to the canal. This prevents the spinal cord from hanging in a free manner and restricts the motion of the cord. Tethered cord syndrome may result in leg weakness or numbness as well as bladder and urinary incontinence.

The likelihood of having one of these problems is increased if any of the following occurs close to a sacral dimple at the time of birth:

  • A hair tuft
  • skin tag
  • skin discoloration
  • bruising

Treatment is typically not required for Spina Bifida Occlusa or tethered-cord syndrome. If a child was born with sacral dimples or other risk issues, the doctor is likely to perform an MRI or ultrasound to determine whether there are any spinal cord disorders.

Back dimples the facts and myths

Many of the myths surrounding back dimples are based on their benefits to your sexual life.

For instance, some claim that women with dimples in the back can grasp more frequently because they’re an indication of a healthy circulation within your pelvic region.

There are even claims that people particularly women are able to grasp just by the pressure of a partner on their dimples.

There’s nothing that suggests that these assertions are accurate. The back dimples are caused by ligaments that join skin to bone. They do not have anything to have to do with blood circulation in the region.

One theory that is supported by some research is that men consider the dimples in Venus attractive to females.

This could be a natural preference that has been due to benefits associated with pregnancy such as pelvic stability as well as the capacity to support the weight.

Benefits of Having Venus Dimples

The advantages of having dimples in the lower back aren’t specifically sexual or health advantages, but rather myths and how people perceive these dimples. Here are some reasons that having dimples on the buttocks could be beneficial to you:

  • They can improve the look of the individual, primarily in high-muscle and low-fat bodies.
  • It is believed to have erogenous effects if sexual contact occurs.
  • A few people say that they’re a sign of good circulation. This means they can enhance sexual encounters.

It is important to note that there’s no scientifically-proven advantage of dimples in our health or sexual performance. The majority of benefits that people attribute in the form of holes are subjective and can differ based on culture and level of education.

The only advantage that can be proved is that the dimples in the back appeal to many individuals. Any other benefit, particularly connected to sexual activity, cannot be proven.

Having 2 Holes in The Back Means Good Blood Circulation

The cause is inherited genetics, and it’s not our decision to be born with holes or not. Our body requires good circulation for orgasm, and these holes symbolize health and efficient circulation of the blood throughout your body.

How do I get Dimples Of Venus on my back?

Dimples result from genetics and the shape of the lower backbones. It is impossible to create the appearance of these holes when you’re already thin and strong. Although they’re not based on muscles, if you are filled with fat that isn’t needed, and you’re not sure how to get rid of it, you might be able to create the appearance by exercising your cardiovascular system and slicing away the fat.

There are ways to make your Venus dimples appear slimmer or more toned by practicing yoga or exercising in the back of yours. If you do the right workouts and weight reduction, you might not be able to grow dimples. However, a significant amount should you already have them and want to improve the way they appear.

There are many other ways to make your dimples more appealing. Many women prefer to poke the dimples, which adds an unusual touch to the way they appear. It also makes the holes appear larger and makes them more attractive to gaze at. Some women prefer wearing low-rise jeans to highlight their dimples. This is especially true with short tops or bikinis.

Back dimples are a part of birth.

The holes are not filled with exercise because they are in an area that cannot locate the muscle. Excess fat can make it difficult to see these holes, but you might detect these holes if you lose excess fat.

Back dimples are pure genetics.

These two holes can only be observed on those who have the proper size of ligaments and susceptible genes.


While anyone can get dimples that resemble Venus, women are the most attractive and attracted. Females with back dimples are generally thought to be more attractive than males with dimples on their backs; however, it’s dependent on personal preferences.

We can only say they’re a fascinating aspect of our body and a great method of understanding the way that genetics function. In case you’ve wondered where the dimples on your back come from, then you can find out the answer and a lot of interesting facts about them.


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