The World’s First Crypto Horse Racing: It’s Live! 


Cloud bet is launching one of the world’s first virtual reality crypto races that will take place just in time for the Melbourne Cup 2021.

The provider will allow punters to have a shot at placing bets using their digital crypto wallets, with over 12 different varieties of cryptocurrency being accepted for some of the biggest racing events available on the sporting calendar. 

While this concept is still finding its way into unknown territories, many gambling competitors are all trying their best to claim this new venture within the cryptocurrency space as their own.

With NFT horses on the market now too, not only can those who buy them, raise their own virtual horses, but they can actually train them to participate within the future races that are to take place in the crypto sports realm.

Of course, things are very new at the moment and changing every single day, yet one thing is for certain: the crypto led racing events to come are happening and they are happening right now!

NFT Horse racing is making buzz

As we see more NFT horse races happening and it being publicised to a wider audience, we can expect huge bookies to add it as a betting market on their platform.

This is going to be a difficult market to understand and most importantly, predict. This is why we would recommend using a professional tipster site, like in order to get expert opinions and analysis before you bet.

The Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s biggest horse racing events ever, with some of the most highly esteemed racers and trainers taking the leap of faith and hoping that it can amount to taking home the $6.5 million prize fund that awaits any winner.

While this race has all the nation on the edge of their seats, introducing crypto was really just about time, as not only does cryptocurrency provide better margins, but it also lowers the costs and increases the rate at which withdrawals can actually happen. It always is a win-win scenario for both merchants and consumers. 

The current lead up towards this year’s Melbourne Cup is highly anticipated because all horse racing enthusiasts know the turf that composes the racetrack, is one of the most famous and challenging for horses.

Being that the track is also two miles long too, that certainly adds to the appeal of the race overall. 

Crypto betting offers a large selection of new featured upgrades in the Cloud bet space. In recent months, the crypto operation within Cloud bet has made betting a very political affair, in addition to sharing their content in well over 17 world-wide languages too.

Amongst other 2021 innovations, Dogecoin lovers and Litecoin can rejoice as this coin is now in major operation within the system, meaning this will certainly aid the introduction of even more customers that favour these coins above alternatives like Bitcoin, for example.

It is believed that Cloud bet has aspirations of introducing more and more partnerships with other third parties to make the transaction process for crypto users even more seamless than before.

With the plans to extend a hand towards Dash, Cloud bet hopes to amplify their instant deposit services towards their customers which will certainly go a long way, and act as a huge hit.

The ability to provide instant deposits means that winners can walk home with their winnings instantaneously, and they do not need to worry about waiting through the long administrative process that occurs in the lead up to getting paid out.

Dash is a blockchain network that settles transactions very instantly, with very little costs attached to it too. It is believed that each and every transaction that settles through the system holds very little fees.

At just 0.1 cent per transaction (American dollars), customers can withdraw their winnings to their heart’s content, without worrying about any disturbingly large transactional fees that usually conspire against winning punters.

It is very clear that cryptocurrency presents itself as the opening to many possibilities for both the merchants and consumer parties.

With significantly high benefits reaching at both ends of a transaction, the reasons against cryptocurrency are fast running out-with more reasons to favour this mainstream blockchain technology than ever.

The digital ledger allows full protection to its users. The binding smart contracts integrate safe payment obligations that must always be honoured without fail.

Making gamblers at an increasing rate implement cryptocurrency digital wallets for longevity, safety and most importantly, sustainability. 

With more news fast-evolving around NFT horses, punters can predict that gambling on virtual NFT racing can very much soon become a thing.

The only question that can be left to be said is, with everything moving forward towards virtual spaces, could real-time sports eventually be at a threat, or can both worlds continue to coincide with each other separately and respectfully?

With the crypto realm moving very, very fast, it will not be long before consumers get the answer to this question. 


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