Mexico.- It was quite a controversy, a wave of memes, ridicule and even criticism that the singer went through Lupillo Riveraalso known as El Toro del Corrido when externalizing his love for Belinda with a huge gesture; tattooing his image on the left arm, an unforgettable moment for the entertainment world.

After their time with Voz Azteca, where they met and they allegedly had a romantic relationshipsame as the Mexican singer has not confirmed, the Mexican nationalized American singer decided to mark his body forever with such a realistic image of whom he called the most beautiful woman he has ever known.

But leaving behind that romance and any relationship they had, the change was drastic. Now that Belinda has ended her relationship with Christian Nodal, many have begun what the Mexican regional music singer will do, surely follow in the footsteps of her work colleague Lupillo.

What Lupillo Rivera did after a while was erase all traces of Belinda’s face embedded in your skin, this with a series of scratches on the forearmin the place where the Mexican singer once had a very important and widely spoken place.

The change came long afteralmost a year after having it done in August 2020. In July 2021, Jenni Rivera’s brother shared a video in which he comments on it, shows the procedure and ends up showing off what now covers the face of the beautiful singer Belinda.

Who has not revealed what he will do now with his tattoos in honor of Belinda is the singer Christian Nodal, who has, not one, but four; her beautiful eyes and eyebrows, a number four accompanied by a bow, her name in diminutive of her, the name of one of the singer’s most listened to albums.


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