Who is Tinglan Hong?

Tinglan Hong was an ex-restaurant hostess who was the subject of headlines due to her relationship with well-known English actor Hugh Grant. In the course of the couple’s relationship Hong as well as Grant have two sons, Tabitha as well as Felix Grant. Other than her profession, which was that she was employed in an Chinese establishment in London There isn’t much detail about Hong is available in the public domain. While he was there, Grant kept his relationship with Hong hidden from the public eye. Although Grant was a part of the group, and Hong were often seen in public however, details about Hong’s private life remained be kept from the local media as well as public media. Tinglan Hong as well as Anna Eberstein the other girlfriend, were both pregnant at the same time, and it was the talk of the town. The media went into uproar and several news organizations tried to find out more information about the women in Grant’s life, but not was found to be of any value.

Relationship with Hugh Grant

Tinglan Hong, and Hugh Grant started seeing each one another in the year 2011. However, neither acknowledged their relationship when asked from the press. Because Grant was described as by the media as a playboy, they believed that their relationship was only a brief relationship.

Prior to meeting Tinglan Hong Hugh Grant was in a relationship with a popular socialite. Grant had a chance meeting with Hong in the Chinese restaurant, where she worked as receptionist. After a few conversations, Grant began to gravitate toward Hong. After Hong first met Grant she was aware of his previous relationships. In addition, she was aware that Grant was dating a different woman, even though the two were flirting. Their age differences, too was never a cause for concern for the two of them.

They didn’t care about getting found out on camera. They were very happy to show their affections in public. After they were photographed on their first date, they captured kissing in an establishment within Fulham, South-West London. Following that, Tinglan Hong was seen at Grant’s West London residence on many occasions. However, Grant did not mention anything about any relationship he had with Hong.

Grant took a break from his career and took a trip together with Hong. Tinglan Hong was expecting by when they came back from their vacation. In September of 2011, Hong gave birth to their daughter Tabitha and that’s the moment that Grant as well as Hong started their new journey of becoming parents. Grant was then determined to keep Hong from media attention because he didn’t seek attention from the media.

After one year after which the couple split up for reasons that are not well-known to them. They were reunited one year after, but it was never the same. Grant was currently engaged to an Swedish TV producer by the name of Anna Eberstein, but that didn’t hinder Grant from continuing his relationship with Tinglan Hong.

The media was in a frenzy when each Hong and Anna the girlfriend of Grant became pregnant simultaneously. After three months Anna had given birth, Hong became the mother of a son named Felix. Through this time it became nearly impossible for the three to remain out of tabloids since the media would constantly ask the women about their relationships to Hugh Grant.

Family & Personal Life

Tinglan Hong was born in an entrepreneurial family in Lishui, Zhejiang province of Eastern China. Hong relocated from China to Britain in 2003 and began working as a receptionist at an Chinese restaurant. There are a few sources that suggest Hong has a career as an actor, however there are no evidence or evidence to support the claim. There is no evidence of her being a part of any of the TV shows or movies. There isn’t much information about her life as a person and her birth date birth is available.


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