Too Hot to Handle season 3: cast of Netflix dating series, Instagram profiles – and when new episodes come out 


Too Hot to Handle is Netflix’s vainer, more outrageous version of Love Island, and it’s back with the promise of being ‘steamier than ever’.

With contestants arriving in their bathing suits and attempting to remain celibate for the series’ duration, viewers watch on as contestants provide entertainment in the form of terrible chat up lines, flirting and light entertainment.

The island is overseen by Lana, the virtual assistant that keeps all the peace on the dating show by enlisting the rules.

Most of the show’s contestants aged below 25, in no rush for long term love and in pursuit of quick cash and attention from the opposite sex.

So, who is in the line up for season three – and when does it drop on Netflix UK? This is what you need to know.

New Too Hot to Handle season 3 contestants

Turning up the heat in the competition, Obi and Olga enter the villa in episode three of Too Hot to Handle.


Her unfiltered tongue and flirtatious personality captivate every guy she lays her eyes on. On the weekend she loves to dance the night away and all eyes are on her! The others may want to watch out as no one’s going to get in her way when she sees what she wants…


Excitable Obi may scream when he first sets eyes on the girls, it’s his “dream come true” to be surrounded by beautiful women in a gorgeous tropical location and he won’t be shy to show off his gym-honed physique.

This public relations student is used to making an impact when he walks into a room and the retreat will be no exception! Whenever Obi is around there are no awkward silences as he’s always cracking jokes and his laughter is infectious…cue Lana breaking the news!

Too Hot to Handle season 3 contestants

Unlike the usual UK television dating shows, Too Hot To Handle makes sure there are plenty more fish by casting from across seas.

From The Uk to the States, Australia and South Africa – here are the 10 contestants making their way to Turks and Caicos Islands for season three.


Beaux is a legal secretary who is originally from London but now lives in Kent.

Described by the show’s producers as ‘the cockney Elle Woods’, she states she is loves making male attention and pulls out all the stops in a bid to make sure all eyes are on her.

She prides herself on being honest and has a no nonsense attitude.


A self proclaimed ‘serial ghoster’, this Australian is living the single life to its fullest by travelling the world and claims to leave a trail of broken hearts behind her.

Her type is blonde, toned and tattooed, much like her celebrity crush Justin Beiber, so she’s hoping the cohort of men stand up to her standards.


Self-proclaimed Harry Styles lookalike, Harry says he is a fun loving party starter whose infectious laugh and persona make him the ultimate “secret” player.

He has spent the summer working in Ayia Napa and Zante, though he’s also wooed the ladies in Dubai and Thailand, as he is a keen traveller and finds himself to be quite the ladies man.


Canadian psychology student Holly is currently living the real student life, when she’s not studying she is partying ‘till dawn.

The University of Colorado girl said her dream is to have boyfriends all over the globe and revealed she is super confident and super sexual, with no ambition to settle down soon.


Cheltenham-based PT Izzy says she is a rule breaker who often got into trouble at boarding school for sneaking off to meet boys.

She’s a keen hockey player and this adds to her competitive streak – something she knows will stand her in good stead on the show as she adds more men to her tally of rollercoaster relationships.


Fashion designer Jaz is all about feeling beautiful regardless of whether she’s nipping to the shops or meeting her current ‘situationship’ other half.

She admits she prefers relationships with no strings attached and runs the other way when emotions get involved.

Her Dad was in the air force and she is a self proclaimed ‘military brat’, if she wants something she is going to get it but her standards are high so if you don’t meet them she’ll be onto the next.


Nathan considers himself to be Cape Town’s most notorious party animal, declaring he can chat any girl into being his next fling.

This fun-loving, free spirit says he has the gift of the gab and, as a model and a business management student, Nathan has high energy levels and short attention span which means he gets bored very easily.


He also described himself as an ‘international playboy’ who loves the game so he won’t be giving up his single life anytime soon.


6’5 guitar playing Hawaiian Patrick loves the outdoors and loves holiday romances with visitors to the beautiful island.

He enjoys treating the ladies to a night under the stars, but isn’t one for treating them like their out of this world

“I’ve been in almost every country in Europe, but I’ve never stepped foot in those places,” he said to the show’s producers. He has a degree in botany and believes every flower is unique just like every lady.



Stevan is a Los Angeles based model wh says his bad boy look has gained him a lot of female attention and loves a party.

He’s always been a womaniser, winning the title of biggest flirt at high school.

Now he is ready to open up the international market. , claiming he is “the flirtatious, loud and obnoxious one”.


Basketball player Truth is a Texas boy, with a tall, athletic build and winning smile.

Truth says he’s always had a team of beautiful female fans, and as a basketball scholar and criminology student, this charmer is so used to being the star of the court.

When does Too Hot to Handle season 3 release on Netflix?

The third season of the hit Netflix show is released in the UK on Thursday 13 January at 8AM, with new shows every Thursday.


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