Top 10 Best Text Spy Apps (100% Works)

  • Are you looking for a spy app that can give you a phone’s messages remotely? If you ask someone, you might not get much help since most people are even aware that it can happen.

Even internet searches are not always useful since there are many fake spy apps created to waste your time or resources. This is why you need a trusted guide such as this one to know which apps you can try and which you can disregard.

The text spy apps mentioned here have been tried and tested solutions and each of them works in getting a smartphone’s data to you.

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Part 1: Minspy

It is hard to consider the text message spy apps out there and not place Minspy on top of the list. Minspy is the best phone spy tracker that I have ever tried and tested. Once you try out Minspy, you can feel free to spy someone’s text messages from your phone.

It is used by millions of people globally, which makes it the most trusted solution if you want to spy on a cell phone.

Minspy comes with a range of features that are not generally present in most other phone monitoring apps. The presence of these features along with the interface through which they are accessible make Minspy the best choice out of any other phone spy app you will find.

What Makes Minspy the Best Message Spy App?

There are many things that place Minspy at the top of this list. Some of these include:

●      Secret Text Spying

Minspy’s design places special emphasis on stealth. This means that no matter what, the target user will never find out that you are spying on their phone. Minspy accomplishes this by designing its Android and iOS spy solutions in a special way.

●      No Root or Jailbreak Required

Minspy makes sure that you can spy on a cell phone’s messages without having to root or jailbreak it. This is quite an advantage that puts it above its competitors. No one wants to root or jailbreak a phone, but most other spy apps require it as mandatory.

●      Web Interface

Using Minspy does not require downloading any app on your phone or computer. Minspy can be used directly from its dashboard that opens in any web browser on any device you use.

●      Data Security

Minspy is a completely secure solution that uses the best data encryption protocols available. None of your data is stored by Minspy, which makes sure even Minspy’s own team cannot read the private messages or see any other data.

There are a lot of added benefits to using Minspy. Minspy’s free live demo will give a clearer idea about its features and how it looks in action.

How Minspy Works for Spying on a Cell Phone Texts Without Being Caught?

Minspy has created its Android and iOS solutions in a unique way to make sure there is no chance that the user will get caught while spying on a cell phone.

●      Spying on iPhone Messages Secretly

When you are spying on an iPhone’s messages using Minspy, you do not even have to touch the iPhone to get its data. Minspy works by using the iCloud credentials of the device to get its data to you. It extracts all the data of the iPhone through its iCloud backup, without touching it.

●      Spying on Android Messages Secretly

When you are spying on an Android phone text using Minspy, you will need to install the Minspy app on the target device. The app is around 3 MB in size and installs within seconds.

Even though Minspy is installed on the phone, the app remains completely hidden. The app icon hides after being installed. It doesn’t consume any battery so the target user never gets suspicious.

When you feel like uninstalling Minspy, you don’t need to access their phone at all. Minspy can be uninstalled from any web browser remotely through the dashboard.

Part 2: Spyier

Spyier is not the oldest or the most used message spy app out there. However, it is the message spy app that is climbing the popularity ladder quite fast.

While Spyier entered the scene late, it has been able to catch up with what the best text spy apps have to offer. It combines the best offerings from the top spy apps to create an all inclusive message spying solution.

Some of Spyier’s cool features include:

●      Social Media Spy

Spyier’s social media spy feature shows you all the sent and received social media messages of the user. This includes messages from platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

●      Keylogger

Keylogger is one of the most sought after spy features on the internet. It shows you each and every keystroke that the user types on their phone. This includes their usernames, passwords, web searches, and more.

●      Application Monitor

Application monitor gives you access to every app they install on their phone, including detailed stats such as how much they use each app. You can even uninstall an app or block their access to any of the apps remotely.

●      Photo and Video Viewer

With Spyier you can see all the pictures and videos that the person has saved on their phone. This includes all the media they clicked and recorded, the sent files, and the received ones as well.

There are a lot of other features that Spyier has to offer. Spyier’s free live demo available on its website will tell you more about it.

Part 3: Spyine

Since Spyine was one of the newest message spy apps, many people were reluctant to use it. However, once users started giving it a chance, there has only been positive talk about it since then.

It is not uncommon to find rave reviews about Spyine on the internet. Even the authority media websites such as Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc. have highly recommended Spyine.

That is actually to Spyine’s credit since it offers an easy to use interface that even the most inexperienced users can use.

If you feel that Minspy and Spyier aren’t the perfect text spy app for you, Spyine definitely will be.

Part 4: Spyic

Spyic is one of the oldest text spy apps out there that has been popular ever since smartphones became popular. Even though it has been many years since its inception, Spyier is still quite popular today as it keeps itself updated regularly.

In terms of features, Spyic can match any of the best spy apps out there. However, the top text spy apps such as Minspy might have a little edge over Spyic when it comes to design.

Still, whether or not Spyic is better than the newest apps in design is a matter of personal opinion, so you can try it out and judge if Spyic will suit your preferences or not.

Part 5: Spyzie

With a loyal community that likes using Spyzie over any other app, it can be a perfect app to use when you are looking for a simple text spying solution.

To put it plainly, Spyzie does not have as many features as apps like Minspy and Spyier are going to offer you. However, all that Spyzie does, it does well.

If you aren’t looking for many features and just want a minimalistic phone monitoring service, Spyzie might deserve a try.

Part 6: Neatspy

While apps like Spyic are popular because of their long presence on the internet, it does not mean new apps like Neatspy are not up to the mark.

Neatspy started out as a secret phone tracking solution. However, seeing people’s interest in its services, it has expanded to a lot more.

Now Minspy offers as many features as the best text spy apps out there. Even the design is nothing to complain about. It might take some time for Neatspy to establish its feet and carry itself to the top of this list. Yet, it is still worth a try if you want a reliable text spy app.

Part 7: Clickfree

ClickFree is one of the most downloaded message spy apps on the internet. It focuses less on the number of features and more on the interface through which those features can be used.

Clickfree can be used by anyone with ease, whether it is your grandmother or your ten year old child. The strengths of Clickfree lie in its tracking service, which can give you someone’s phone location 24×7, without any chance of them knowing about it.

A little negative factor about Clcikfree is that advanced users who prefer apps like Minspy will find Clickfree to be a bit too basic.

Part 8: XNSPY

XNSPY used to be the most popular message spy app a few years ago. However, better apps came to the scene and replaced XNSPY from the top spots.

The thing that XNSPY could not fix was its price. It is very expensive to use XNSPY, which is a dealbreaker for most people considering XNSPY offers considerably fewer features than the better alternatives above it.

Part 9: Mspy

Mspy has been around for a while, although it has never been able to shine as the best message spy app out there.

It offers working features for spying on a cell phone secretly. However, when I say ‘working’, I simply mean a situation where you should try it as a last resort. There are many glitches and bugs in the system that haven’t been fixed for a long time.

Therefore, it will have to contend as the last entry on this list of the best spy apps for smartphones.

Part 10: Spyera

Talking about the message spy apps from the past, Spyera comes to mind. Spyera used to have a huge user base, but now it is diminished to a small number of people who are unaware about the better options.

Does Spyera work? Absolutely. However, the process of making Spyera work is not as simple as the other solutions that are Spyera alternatives.

For one, Spyera asks you to root or jailbreak the target device, which is never a good idea. This ruins the entire concept of spying on a phone ‘without knowing it’.

Even the price of Spyera is not something people want to pay for an app that hardly does the job


Now that you know about the best message spy apps out there, which app you want to choose is entirely up to you.

My recommendation would be the apps from the upper half of this list, as you can get them for a considerably cheap subscription plan and complete peace of mind.

As an added warning, always stay away from any app that claims to give you a phone’s data for free. These apps are always scam designed to steal your data or scam you.


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