Top 10 Casino and Sports Betting Books


Professional gambling writers have written many books on gambling, but it’s not difficult to say; Most games are sour. They will ruin your time with inaccurate data and waste your time using tactics which hardly work. You waste your attention on funny stories that are not real and are just nonsense.

On the contrary, there are games and online casinos that are the exact opposite; take minimum deposit casino, for instance. Below, we have listed ten books we believe stand out within this competitive industry and are sure to provide value to the readers.

1. Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong

No book can offer a complete betting guide for sports better than Sharp Sports Betting from Stanford Wong. Sadly, nothing else is quite as close to the topic. The reasons for this may not seem immediately evident, though it is something to think about: Most sportsbooks are easily accessible and readable. This compromise of useability and accuracy for readability. Wong argues that his book is tough to read. Reading Sharp sports betting is hard work and requires dedication, but it’s worth the read.

2. Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways by Andrew Brisman

It was Andrew Brisman’s first detailed book on Casino Gambling. It remains our best read to date. It just doesn’t have the popularity that it deserves.

3. American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie

The American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie offers an annual overview of casino travel information. The author has over ten years of gambling industry experience. He has produced numerous popular video games online that show people playing. In addition to writing travel articles every year, Bourie regularly contributes to various magazine articles covering gambling, travel and personal finance topics.

4. The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book by Lance Humble

A friend of mine had a fascinating conversation about counting cards in his case; He worked as an accountant. I wanted a lot more to know about counting cards. He mentioned Lance Humble’s best book for blackjack. Humble is a fascinating writer because he comes distinctly from another generation. He writes like a good old-fashioned Frank Scoblete. Lance Humble is very clearly aware of the game of the advantages.

5. The Theory of Poker: A Professional Poker Player Teaches You How to Think Like One by David Sklansky

Nobody in poker suggested other books besides Theory of Poker for a quick guide on the fundamental strategies. It would be easy if we could master the Theory of Poker without really buying anything else. You should be able to learn every detail of poker by understanding this book very well. A good characteristic of Sklansky’s writing style has been clarity. The other was simplicity. It’s a semi-bluff. During bluffing, a hand has been dominated, and it seems the opponent will fold if the hand falls.

6. The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott

Most people don’t think about becoming successful low-rollers in the casinos or the real world. The high rollers have all the benefits. That’s nonsense. The Frugal Gambler demonstrates how Jean Scott takes a frugal approach to maximizing her gaming income in Las Vegas. You may consider The Frugal Gambler as a modern version of Max Rubins Comp City (also worth reading) – Scott mainly uses Video Poker as an alternative to the most popular pay table and comp program to gain some mathematical advantage at casinos.

7. Blood Aces by Doug J. Swanson

Blood Ace is one of those books that doesn’t teach you how to win a game. Instead, this documentary is about Benny Binion, who helped develop Las Vegas and helped pioneer the world-recognized poker tournament. Blood Aces is the true masterpiece of the narrative. The book tells you all the essential truths about Binion and how the criminal justice system has failed to get him out of trouble.

8. The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told by Mark Paul

Mark-Paul explains the story of three gamblers in the Kentucky Derby and Mexico cartels as the best told in the world and how the story hugely affected gamblers. The tale is labelled as “crazy than the fiction” despite its immodest claims of being the best gambling book of the century. The winning colours story was sealed by Paul’s brilliant storytelling and an entertaining read to enjoy yourself.

9. The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time by Michael Craig

As with Positive Fifth Street, Michael Craig’s The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King is a historical book in its own right but is not educational. That’s a good thing. Michael Craig may not be James McManus’ literary titan, but he has solid writing talent. The accounts of the most excellent poker game are fascinating. The report follows the ongoing battles between Andrew Beal of Texas and a poker consortium that includes pro poker players. Often called “the corporation,” the professional poker players have familiar names. It was three years long.

10. The confidence game by Maria Konnikova

Before she wrote the book The Biggest Bluff, Konnikova gave another excellent article titled “The Confidence Games: The Psychology Behind the Con? You could claim it’s a poker game, but it’s far more profound. Konnikova understands the psychology that is used to trick the minds of people. If someone has allowed you to become an adult, it would be a great thing if you could self-test your abilities in the best possible way. Konnikova claims that this carefully thought-out worldview makes you an accomplished individual irrespective of your poker abilities.


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