Transform Your Driveway
Transform Your Driveway

Driveways have always played an important role in every home since they are the very first thing that your guest see when they enter your property. Not only that, modern driveway styles can help in improving the curb appeal of your home or property.

Therefore, it is important that you take the effort and time to build this conspicuous area of your home, by designing it to be as attractive and beautiful as it can be.

Laying pavers can be a fun and easy thing that anyone can do, but you can also ask for driveway services Johannesburg to do the sweaty job for you.

If you are thinking about transforming your driveway, then try these modern paving ideas that will make your driveway standout from the rest.

Circular Patterns

You might have seen this pattern on patios, but it can also be done on driveways, especially if you have large driveways. In order to do this pattern, you will need to layer the pavings in a circular pattern, starting from the center. A greater idea is to combine circular patterns with a basket weave or herringbone finish with different colors of pavings in order to create a unique driveway look. You can also use this circular pattern idea as a starting point for designing your outdoor space.

Basket Weave

Perfect for those who wish to create a historic or vintage look, the basket weave is quite easy to do.  You only need to alternate the pavers between horizontal and vertical pairs. If you go for a basket weave pattern for your driveway paving, you can be more creative by using different paver colors, or you can stick with a single color in order to achieve a worn-out, old look.


Herringbone is a design which originated from ancient English landscapes. In this paving pattern, the pavers are organized in alternate directions in order to form a V-shape. This paving pattern is also known as a classic paving style and offers durability.

Providing a strong visual impact on your property, you can see the herringbone pattern in almost every driveway as well as walkways and patios. If you want to go with the herringbone pattern, then you need to lay down the pavers at either 90 or 45 degrees. The angle that you choose will determine its overall design and pattern.


A popular and classic driveway paving pattern, chequered style is typically created by using some large square-shaped stones. Oftentimes, pave installers will use 2 different colors in order to highlight the pattern.

A more interesting idea, you can combine pavers with natural or artificial grass squares in order to achieve a simple with a modern twist pattern. You can also try to use different pavers that vary in shapes and sizes for an alternative finish.

Concrete Pavers And Colored Pebbles

Driveway pavings are quite versatile that you can use them for any other purposes, including creating a pathway to your home. Concrete pavers can be arranged well in order to form a pathway and it is a classic way in order to accentuate your backyard and front yard.

In order to make your driveway and pathway look striking, you can add some colored pebbles around your concrete pavers. These colored pebbles can highlight your driveway paver design as well as making your yard and pathways look exquisite.

Stretcher Bond

Wood Planks are quite versatile materials which can be used for deck skirting, house fencing as well as driveway paving. However, rather than just installing wood planks for the driveway, you can do it better by installing them in a stretcher bond pattern where that planks are arranged and laid so that they will overlap midway with series of other wood planks below and above.

This driveway pattern might look simple, however, you can add more creativity by adding pebbles around the planks which leave out their bland color.

Green Modern Driveway

If you want to have an eco-friendly driveway, then this one is for you. Using pavers to create a pathway for your cars and surrounding the pavers are lush green grass and plants, for a nature-looking driveway.


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