Esposa De Trino Marin Maria


Is Esposa de Trino Marin Maria the phrase whose meaning you are looking for on the internet? Then let us tell you that it is French for “Wife of Trino Marin Maria”. This will surely make things more interesting because the name Trino Marin has been making quite some noise recently.

Nowadays, the number of celebrities is comparatively manifolded higher than in the past. This is why it is of the utmost importance that all of these personalities are observed and studied closely to bring forward the details for the general public.

Especially celebrities with controversy associated with their names are more important because they are known by most of the public. This is why such people’s personal and professional details should be gathered and categorized accordingly. Those on the quest for an answer to esposa de Trino Marin maria can get the desired details in this article.

Trino Marin is a person to know

Do you even know who the famous Trino Marin is? Surely you do, but you might not know the actual reason for his fame. So let us tell you he is the first husband of the world-renowned singer Jenni Rivera. Although this is the name used on most platforms, the details help us understand that it is not the actual name of the star husband. In fact, according to records, he is Jose Trinidad Marin.

The sexual assault controversy

Being a star husband is something that not many people achieve in their life, but this cannot be the only reason for his fame. Because he gained fame when he was arrested for sexual assault. This is surely a piece of shocking news, and you will also be shocked by knowing the fact that the people who were sexually assaulted were none other than his own son Jacquie and Chiquie. He did not remain limited to the children only. He also sexually assaulted his mother-in-law, Rosie.

The personal life details of Trino Marin

Now to understand the famous Trino Marin, it is of the utmost importance that we study the personal life details of the famed husband. So as we know that this is not his complete name. Also, if we talk about the birth details, then we will come to know that Jose opened his eyes in this world on 15th February 1964.

Age and birthplace

If we move the clock back and study the time, then the age of the star husband will be 58 years. If we talk about the birthplace, then currently, the exact place of birth is unknown but what we do know is the fact that he was born in the USA.

Esposa de Trino Marin Maria

If we look at the relationship life of the famed star, we will know that Jose Trinidad married the famous singer Jenni Rivera or Dolores Saavedra. Also, in the past, many names have been used to call her. The details help us understand that she was born on July 2nd, 1969. Thus the age of the famed star at the time of her death was 43 years. The details also help us understand that the famous singer was born in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California.

The death of star singer

You might be sad to know that the famed singer left the world and died in 2012. According to the details, at the time of her death, she was only 43 years of age. Also, if we talk about the cause of death, we will know that she died in an air accident.

The Plane Crash

She was traveling along with 6 other passengers when the plane crashed. She was in the city to perform at the famous Monterrey Arena the night before her death. Jenni Rivera was an American national whose religious beliefs and ethnical details are currently unknown.

The family profile

The parents of the famed singer

Now it is time to dive into the details of the singer’s parents. Then if we seek help from the records, we will come to know that the name of the father of the famed singer was Pedro Rivera, a famous singer, actor, and composer. Also, if we move on to the details of her mother, we will know her name is Rosa Saavedra.

Siblings details

Now you might be wondering about the siblings of the famous singer so let us tell you that she has 4 brothers and a sister too. The names are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Lupillo Rivera
  • Rosie Rivera
  • Juan Rivera
  • Pedro Rivera Jr.
  • Gustavo Rivera

The marriage profile

If we talk about relationship life, then the famous singer married thrice in her life. It was in 1984 when she married Jose Trinidad Marin for the very first time but divorced in 1992. Later, in 1997, she married Juan Lopez and divorced in 2003. Her third marriage was conducted with Esteban Louisa in 2010, and this marriage was still in practice at the time of her death.

The air crash report

If you want us to walk you through the event step by step, we will let you know that the famous singer conducted a press conference once her show ended and along with other staff members, boarded the Learjet 25 to fly to Toluca in Mexico.

The death certification

It was 15 minutes after the flight when contact with the plane was completely lost. After the investigations started in this matter later on the same date, the authorities found the plane’s wreckage. Since there were no survivors, thus it was coined the death date of the famed singer.

Scandalized married life

If we talk about her married life scandal, we will know that her husband was a sexual abuser, and due to the charges against him, he was sentenced to 30 years of jail. Later, a sentence of 10 years was also added for drug dealing crimes. The sentence was too long, but later the famed husband died in jail in 2009.


People searching esposa de Trino Marin maria details will surely come across the name of the famous singer Jenni Rivera. But the sad details of her death might take a toll on you. We hope that more details regarding her personal life will be shared with the public in the near future.


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