Mexico. Aleida Núñez was married years ago to Pablo Glogovsky and after her divorce she preferred not to talk about it. It is so far that the beautiful actress shares some reasons why she divorced him.

In an interview with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infanta, the actress from Jalisco mentions that there were several details that triggered the breakup of her marriage with Pablo and one of them would have to do with their privacy.

“Yes, there were problems in bed,” Aleida replies to Gustavo when he asks her if there were any kind of problems in her intimacy in her relationship with Pablo.

But more than that, Aleida details, what affected her marriage to Pablo was that each one had different work projects that separated them little by little. and when they wanted to resume their relationship it was already too late.

“We began to focus a lot on work, both I in my personal projects and he in his, we neglected each other as a couple, I accept it with all humility,” says Aleida in the interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

The love was wearing out between Aleida and Adolfo, As happens with other couples in the world, and despite the fact that they went with a psychologist and even a sexologist, nothing could be fixed between the two, she also says in the interview that Gustavo Adolfo did to Aleida during 2019 and circulates in Youtube.

Aleida Núñez married the Argentine businessman Pablo Glogovsky, after having met in the mid-2000s, however their wedding took place in 2004, since they intended to start a family, but this was not possible. 

Remember that Aleida Núñez and Pablo Glogovsky suffered the loss of their first baby, and this situation brought them closer together and later, in 2013, they managed to become Alexander’s parents.

After their separation, Aleida and Pablo were the object of criticism and speculation; There was talk of infidelity and family violence, but this was later denied by the famous actress.

Aleida Núñez is currently 41 years old and has a good relationship with her ex-husband, mainly because of the son they had in common, she has also told some media in CDMX.


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