Tween Girls’ Fashion Trends for 2020


When it comes to fashion or style, the Rachel Green and Blair Waldorf inside every girl lights up. In today’s digital world, girls grow up watching celebrities, stars, and influencers who have a mesmerizing fashion sense and have become more fashion-conscious than ever. As a result, they look up to them for inspiration, and some tweens even wish to become like them. Many tweens even have professional cameras for fashion photography to snap selfies and group photos and share the results on social media. Surprisingly, 2020 is all about bright neon, funky accessories, and animal print for tweens, but making the right choice is essential.

Teenage years are pretty rough since you are neither an adult nor a child. At this age, picking the clothing that complements your personality can be challenging. Alongside following the trends, start working on your style statements and self-expression. It will eliminate the hassle of juggling between adult clothes and preteen accessories. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry because we have done all the legwork for you. Here are tween girl fashion trends in 2020 to ace the fashion game.


In this new decade, tweens are obsessing over striped crop tops and boxy tees. These are regular shirts with round-neck but are a shorter length. You can get them in varying designs and styles, but as a tween, stick to minimalistic prints. Pair it up ripped jeans or shorts to achieve a casual and dapper look. If you don’t want to flash skin, opt for pseudo crop tops. They are shorter than standard crop tops but don’t reveal any skin. You can look for cute girl’s clothes to make age-appropriate style statements and enjoy a vogue teenage.


Do you have weak eyesight? Many tweens wear specs to enhance their vision but end up picking ordinary ones. 2020 brings beautiful round shape vintage glasses that complement every face structure. They have a clear color with a golden stem, giving a classic look. The transparent look highlights your features instead of drawing attention to the specs. It is known to be among the premium choices in the modern era. Hence, make sure to have it on your shopping list.


Tweens can never go wrong with dresses, especially in summer. You can grab some floral prints in knee-length dresses. Ruffles and cold shoulders have become quite popular amongst adults and tweens. Fortunately, you can find multiple cold shoulder dresses with ruffles and varying necklines. If you want to try something different, get solid-colored dresses and pair them with floral scarfs. However, don’t go overboard by coughing up money on fancy dresses, stick to casual ones for a trendy look.


Do you prefer shorts over jeans? If yes, look for a pair of shorts that reach above your belly button to rock this trend. It gives an incredible shape to your body, making you look slimmer. You can tuck in your shirt to emphasize on the shorts. Refrain from going colorful with the shorts and hold on to denim and black. Feel free to choose from different denim colors – light blue, navy, dark blue, etc. Besides, it is an ideal choice for tummy shy tweens.


Designers believe that empty hands never look good on women. As a tween, you can’t stuff your hands with fancy jewelry, but a minimalist watch can equally elevate the beauty of your hands. It is a better choice than bracelets as it gives classic diva looks. Get some wristwatches with colorful straps to match with your outfits. If you prefer leather watches, grab skinny and dark colors since they are universal and align with every outfit. Besides, look at the size of your wrist, and then pick a watch to ensure the dial is not too big or small.


Trends are not limited seasons; they keep evolving as the year progresses. With winter around the corner, tweens obsess over long coats and high boots. Unfortunately, these trends don’t look good on tweens. Little girls have to keep up with the sweaters and hoodies. These are super comfy, especially when you pair it with tights or leggings. After all, winters have to be warm and cozy. If you want something unique, throw a blazer over a sweatshirt to transform the comfy outfit into a chic one. You can complete this look with jeans, boots, and a high ponytail, making the causal look a lot cooler.


The trend of high-knee socks is rising from the ashes of 2000s fashion. Unsurprisingly, it has gotten better. Tweens who love wearing shorts are styling them with high-knee socks to flaunt a more formal look. Likewise, you can also pull it off with traditional rompers, making it the ultimate party outfit. For the fall season, knee-sock could become your favorite accessory to style the look, while adding warmth to it.


Everyone wants to combine sophistication with a realistic style and an impeccable fashion sense. Jumpsuits and rompers can be a perfect choice. From polka dots, cute animal prints, florals, to solid colors – they come in a wide array of patterns. The versatile range allows tweens to flaunt these at a birthday party by adding formal touch and a casual lunch date with friends. As for the tweens, wide-leg ones are a suitable fit since they are flowy and comfortable. After all, many young girls are shy about wearing tight clothes.


In this digital world, tweens have become more fashion-conscious than ever. It is a good thing to look after yourself and stay up to date with the world. When it comes to following trends, many young girls start chasing adults rather than following their trends. Honestly, tween trends are far better, chic, and age-appropriate. Hence, follow the tween trends for 2020 and level up your fashion game.


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