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In modern times, no one believes ghost stories or old legends. But whenever a story turns up, it surely becomes a way to entertain people. Underwater lake Lanier is also a phenomenon that you must pay attention to. This particular lake has been providing the public with all sorts of myths and stories. Most of these stories might give you goosebumps, and other times these stories will entertain you. No matter the condition, you will find them to be highly interesting.

The legends and the stories are the perfect way to gather e crowd. It is often believed that such stories are carved to get people’s attention. But there are sometimes when these stories have the essence of truth. Whether it is true or not, you can only get information about it once you go through all the details. In this article, you will get all the information about the famous underwater lake Lanier.

The legend of underwater lake Lanier

According to the legends in the town, there is a ghost of a woman who has been dead for quite some time that has been witnessed hovering above the waters of the lake in a blue dress that looks like it flows. Also, the swimmers in the area are given a heads-up before they enter the water that they should exercise precautions because it is believed that there are mysterious arms that have been taking the swimmers inside the lake.

Are the legends true?

Now you might wonder why someone will have to drag a swimmer into the water. There is no logical explanation for this fact. Therefore if we look at the local paradigm, then it is believed that the angry spirits call the people towards the graves that are submerged in the water. Thus these legends have surely increased the public’s interest in this Lake in Georgia.

The tourism factor and the online campaigns

Lake Lanier happens to be a perfect tourist spot for the public. There are several recreational facilities, including boating and water sports, also present here. On the other hand, social media is filled with legends and tales about this place. You cannot overcome the effect of these legends. Several believers have formed legions.

The creation of the underwater lake Lanier

If we take a look at the history of this lake, then it came into formation in the decade of 1950s. The reason for the creation of this lake is said to be the flooding of the valley. The flooded valley also had a cemetery, and since then, the legends of the cursed cemetery have been on the tongues of the general public. The historians have also explained the fact that several unmarked graves have been submerged in the water.

The factors backing these legends

The legends are never believed until or unless there are some grounds proving them. Thus, if we look at the numbers, we will learn that there are almost 200 people who have lost their lives while swimming in this lake and during boating incidents. Although these numbers might not feel huge to you, but they will eventually when we will tell you that these figures belong to the last three decades only. The calculation dates back to 1994.

The shooting of Ozark

Breaking the internet is a famous tv series titled “Ozark”. The series revolves around drug money. Also, it is powered by one of the most highly streaming platforms in the world, Netflix. This show also has several scenes that are shot here.

The army takes over

The army takeover has never been appreciated. Similarly, if we talk about the famous Lanier Lake, then we will learn that before the flooding took place, the place was filled with fertile farms, and the land was passed on for generations. Later the US Army Engineering Corps marched in with the intent of forming a lake to provide the nearby areas with clean water and energy. This was the time when everything shifted.

The evacuation of the land

Although the government offered money for the land, being a relic from their forefathers, most farmers refused to sell the place. Later there were almost 700 families abandoned their places and sold them to the government. The details tell us that as a result of this agreement, a total of 56,000 acres were acquired by the government. Later a dam was built upon this place, and the place was flooded.

The nomenclature controversy

There are several controversies regarding the nomenclature of the famous lake. Many locals have shared that the officials wanted the lake to be named after famous politicians from the state of Georgia. Others had their own agenda. Since the ball was still in swinging motion, it fell into Sidney Lanier’s court. He happens to be a poet from Georgia. One of his marvelous creations is “Song of the Chattahoochee”.

The vast space

It is important that in order to get into a debate, you get your facts and figures straight. Thus if we go into the details, then we will learn that the total amount of water in this lake is currently calculated as 625 billion gallons. If we switch the scales, this water can equalize to 950000 Olympics-sized swimming pools.

The different online versions of the story

If you go on YouTube, you will find several videos that will help you get an idea of what is going on in the lake. Several say that it is a catfish of huge size. For others, it is a lady in a floating dress. Divers are always advised to exercise precautions to avoid any adverse outcomes.


The underwater lake Lanier is as famous as the stories associated with it. The legends might be true or made up, but they surely have sparked the public’s interest. Thus we can say that the effects of these stories will not wash away soon.

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