Obsidian is one of the minerals you can find in the big world of Valheim.

It’s also one of the minerals you’ll be able to mine later in the game.

Here’s how you can find obsidian and how you can use it in Valheim.

How to find obsidian

Obsidian is usually mined from ores located in the mountain biome. If you climb up the snowy mountain, you’ll notice obsidian ores scattered around, but they may be close to dangerous enemies like the stone golem.

To mine obsidian, you need at least an iron pickaxe. You can make iron pickaxe with iron that is most likely obtained from the swamp biome.

How to use obsidian

Obsidian is an ingredient used in crafting. You can make obsidian arrows, frost arrows and so on.

They are stronger than your bronze arrows or flinthead arrows.

It can also be used in crafting a workbench improvement tool.


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