Vamousse Lice Review
Vamousse Lice Review

About Them:Effective, safe and fast. One application of Vamousse Head Lice Treatment is proven to kill 100% of lice and eggs, in just 15 minutes. When head lice attack, arm yourself with Vamousse Lice Treatment and Vamousse Preventative Shampoo and you’ll win the war against head lice every time. Simply apply the Vamousse mousse to hair, make sure the hair and scalp are fully saturated with Vamousse, wait 15 minutes and shampoo. Vamousse starts killing head lice and eggs the moment it’s applied! And without a drippy, chemical smelling, eye-stinging mess that other liquid treatments can create.Vamousse offers some great products for you or your kids dealing with lice, or just store it, when your kids come home with lice. We get those letters far to often from our school and this will come in handy I am sure.

I have tried numerous lice products along with olive oil, which was the best out of the products so far. This one is a foam type of product, come with two types treatment and prevention. Prevention is great for use every now and then to keep those heads clean from eggs or pesky bugs, and the treatment for for when it happens. Foam it on the head in parts, leave it on for a bit and wash it away. Smell isn’t horrible and the kids didn’t seem to mind it on there heads, but washing it out, watch for their eyes, as they complained it stings a bit. By far the best I came across, and works quickly and is done fast, and only need to use use it for 2 weeks before you are done with the process. The shampoo should be applied repeatedly until the product is gone to insure best results. The bottles are pretty big and you get a lot for the price so you can use more than one lice attack.

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