Verónica Forqué
Verónica Forqué

Verónica Forqué: Cause of death revealed. The death of the popular Spanish actress shocked many fans.

On Monday, December 13, popular actress Verónica Forqué took her own life in Madrid. She died at her home in the Chamartín district aged 66. A post-mortem has been carried out and it has confirmed that she committed suicide.

The actress had performed in films such as Kika and Sé infiel and she also appeared in Spain’s sixth season of Celebrity Masterchef.

According to El Mundo, no traces of any toxic substances or pills were discovered in her body. The cause of death has been confirmed as mechanical asphyxia by hanging. The actress’s body showed no signs of violence.

Verónica was discovered by her maid after she had taken longer than usual in the shower. The maid entered the bathroom and discovered Verónica was unconscious. The emergency services were called immediately along with the police and they were alerted to the attempted suicide.

When the emergency services arrived at Verónica’s house at Víctor de la Serna Street there was nothing they could do to save her life.

Antonio Banderas took to Twitter to pay tribute to Verónica. He commented: “Goodbye to Verónica Forqué. I worked with her years ago and my memory is that of a sweet, spiritual woman and a good companion.



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