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A man can’t come out of the soft corner and look for unknown details. Vivian Ridge is a name that has the potential to make you go for more. Although there are many celebrities worldwide, not all of them have been famous enough.

In modern times, people have been talking about celebrities and personalities from the past too. Since their era was decades ago, when there were no social media platforms available, the accumulation of information and details surely witnessed a stop.

Thus if we go through the details, then we will come to know that the celebrity life is something that will hold you from both ends. You will be enjoying the fame, but on the other hand, you will also be craving secrecy. This article will come as a treat for those wondering about Vivian Ridge.

Who is the underlined personality

Vivian Ridge is a name that has been making quite a noise on the internet. So for those who do not know her, let us tell you that she is the wife of the famed Bob Ross, who is a painter, art instructor, and television host too from America. If we go through the profile of the star celebrity, then we will come to know that he married thrice in his life, but Vivian Ridge has the honor of being the first wife of the famed artist.

Who is Bob Ross

Now let us move our guns toward Bob Ross. Then we will come to know that he served in the military, and this was from where he started receiving his initial fame. Later, the television show “The Joy of Painting” made his profile much brighter, and he started witnessing his future in painting.

Vivian Ridge and Bob Ross married life

Now you will be dying to know the details of the famed couple. Thus, after reviewing the records and scrutinizing every little bit of information, we learned that the couple got married in 1965. But later, in 1977, they filed for divorce. The reason for separation is unknown, but it is probably nothing but a personality clash. If we look at the timeline, we will know that Vivian Ridge has been married to Bob Ross for more than 12 years. This is quite astonishing.

Giving birth to a son

You might be wondering about the conditions of married life. So let us tell you that the famed painter and his wife, Vivian Ridge gave birth to a son. They named their son Steve. If we go through the details, we will come to know that Steve was born on 1st august 1966, just after one year of his parents’ marriage. Currently, there are no further details available regarding the famed wife.

Bob Ross birth details

Although there are not many details available regarding the star’s wife but currently, we do know a lot about the star himself. Thus, if we start with the personal details, we will know that the star was born on 29th October 1942. Thus, if we make some calculations, we will know that he is currently 52 years old. Also, if we talk about the zodiac sign of the famed painter, then it would be Scorpio.

The demise of Bob Ross

Now there is a very important detail that has crossed our desk. The details helped us understand that the famed star is no more among us. Thus, if we look at the available information, we will know that he died on July 4, 1995. At the time of death, the age of the famed star was only 52 years. Also, if we talk about the place of death, then it would be Orlando, Florida, USA.

Birthplace, nationality, ethnicity, religion

Now we must keep our eyes fixated upon personal details. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the star painter was born in Daytona Beach, USA. Also, he had American nationality. If we talk about the ethnical origin, then according to the records, he was white Caucasian, and the religion of the famed painter is recorded as Christianity.

The marriages of Bob Ross

Since the married life of the famed star is of prime interest, therefore we must dive directly into the details. Thus, if we look at the information, we will know that the famed painter was married thrice in his life. As we know, Vivian Ridge was the very first wife he married in 1965 and divorced in 1977.

Second and third marriage

Just after divorcing Vivian, the famed painter married Jane Ross in the same calendar year, 1977. This was also a successful marriage. But unfortunately, the marriage witnessed its end when his beloved wife died in 1992. Thus we can say that their relationship was almost 15 years. After the death of Jane, the star remained a single person for almost three years, and later in the calendar year of his death, 1995, he married Lynda Brown.

Wet on wet technique

Now you might wonder what makes the famed painter and his work so interesting. Thus, if we follow the details, we will know that his unique technique differentiates him from the rest of the painters in town. He used wet on wet oil painting technique where he used to paint over a thin layer of wet base paint.

The results

As a result of his technique, the painting that was formed with this technique did not require much time for progress. Also, the tools required for this technique are limited. What was truly amazing was that the star used the wet painting technique along with some of the larger brushes of one and two inches sizes and the painting knives, thus completing the required landscape in no time.


Vivian Ridge is only famous because of her marriage to the famed painter Bob Ross. Therefore we are unable to find many details regarding her profile. The only thing that we know is the time span of her marriage and the progeny details. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the researchers will surely bring forward these details soon in the future.


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