Last night may have been one of the most anticipated boxing fights of all time, the legendary UFC Champion Conor McGregor taking on the undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather in his own sport.

To everyone’s surprise, McGregor came out swinging, but he also remained composed.

They traded blows for a few rounds before things started to get interesting.

Watch the full fight here;

After remaining patient through the first three rounds, Mayweather started his pounding in the fourth round and never let up. He pounded and charged and pounded some more until he finally beat McGregor into a bruised and swollen submission with a 10th-round technical knockout to win a fight that was surprisingly closer than most people thought it would be.

In the end, McGregor never really hurt Mayweather. He never even seemed to stun him. He only annoyed him while Mayweather sat back and let his plan take action. He let the guy who isn’t used to longer fights simply tire himself out before turning on his engines.


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