threatening mask rant goes viral
threatening mask rant goes viral

A TEACHER from the West Hollow Middle School in New York is under investigation after his threatening mask rant goes viral.
The teacher, who is believed to be Phil Iconis according to his Instagram handle, went on an unhinged rant on January 25 about masks, where he made the extraordinary statement that “if you mask shame me at school, I will throw a child at you!”
In the video, the man says that “if my school district goes ‘masks optional’, I am putting every mask I f*cking own on my face.”
The New York schoolteacher continues: “If you do not have a mask on, don’t come near me.”
As the man gets more amped up, he begins to become more unstable with his comments, next stating: “No one better try to mask shame me.
“If you are walking by and I have my masks on, don’t say a damn word to me because I will throw a child at you.”
I will pick up the first child that passes and I will throw them at you,” his rant concluded.

After being made aware of the video on January 26, the school’s principal, Dr Patrick Harrigan, reportedly had the teacher escorted out of the building and then on Thursday, January 27 released the following statement.
“We have been advised that a video about mask-wearing that was posted by a Half Hollow Hills employee on their personal social media account has been circulated on other social media pages. Please know that the post made by employees on personal social media accounts do not reflect the District’s opinions, beliefs or values.
“While the district is not able to comment about a specific employee as it relates to personal matters, we are fully committed to providing a safe and respectful no environment for all of our students. The employee in question has been reassigned out of the classroom pending the district’s investigation into the matter.”


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