Sposie Diaper Doublers
Sposie Diaper Doublers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.

Oh the joys of diapering!  You only have to get through a couple of years then you will be done with pesky diapers and for most parents luckily that is the case!  For others, myself included, you may have a child who is taking longer to potty train or an older child who just can’t stay dry overnight.  I have 2 daughters ages 5 and 7 and for anonymity sake,  I won’t mention which one still has to wear overnight protection (we call them big girl panties.)  She is a deep sleeper and frequently fills up her overnight diaper ,which in turn, causes leaking.  Her pediatrician says she will get it (staying dry all night) when she’s ready but what do we do in the meantime?  Answer-  You stock up on good overnight underwear or diapers and an even better Diaper Booster Pad.  Insert Sposie Diaper Doublers here!


Simply put, Spousie Diaper Doublers are super-absorbent diaper pad inserts  used to avoid overnight leaks.  Moms have been known to try anything to make those overnight leaks stop, even putting two diapers on their child.  Sposie, good for boys or girls,  will turn any diaper into an overnight diaper.  Great for heavy wetters, like mine, Sposie “doubles” the capacity of your child’s diaper adding up to 8 fl. oz. of absorbency.  Wow!


I love how easy Sposie pads are to use!  Simply insert Sposie pads into your child’s diaper and adjust as necessary for comfort and protection.  It doesn’t matter what brand of diapers you currently use or your child’s size as Sposie will work with any diapers like Huggies, Overnites, Pampers, Luvs, Honest Company, pull-ups and even cloth diapers.

To use, just lay your diaper out and put in your Sposie pad seam side down and done.  It is that easy to stop nighttime leaks and keep your child extra dry.  Sposie pads even wick away moisture from your child’s skin and creates a stay-dry barrier to reduce diaper rash and irritation.


Available at Walmart, Target and Amazon; Sposie is a must-have product for parents with children in diapers.  Not only are they 100% hypoallergenic but also fragrance, latex and chlorine free.  My kids have very sensitive skin so this is a must have for us since every little bit helps prevent a rash in their most sensitive areas.  Made in the U.S.A with a 5-star amazon rating,  Sposie Diaper Doublers will make your life so much easier!  To anyone who is sick of changing sheets and and buying tons of extra diapers, Mom Always Knows recommends giving Sposie Diaper Doublers a try!


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