Different Types of Spirituality
Different Types of Spirituality

When it comes to the term “spirituality,” it can refer to a broad concept of ideas. There’s a lot of things involved when embarking on a spiritual journey.

For example, such as personal influences, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, etc. Yet, spirituality is different for each person. Today, there are several types of spirituality, and in this article, you’ll learn all about them.

What is Spirituality?

What does “spirituality” mean? Lots of people have different ideas on what it means to be a spiritual being.

However, spirituality is when a place within yourself where your soul finds peace. It refers to something greater and higher than the material and physical world.

Learning to connect with something higher than yourself will help you deal better with everyday challenges in life. To some people, spirituality can be connected to religion. To others, spirituality can come from non-religious sources, such as nature or art.

Mystical Spirituality

Mystical spirituality focuses on your intuition and soul. It fixes on the belief or the idea that everything and everyone is connected and can be brought together into a greater unity.

A common idea involved in this type of spirituality is that everything happens for a reason. That coincidences are unlikely, and that there’s always an explanation or purpose behind the things that happen.

Authoritan Spirituality

Authoritarian spirituality refers to the belief in a hierarchy to this world. In other words, it consists of believing in an authority figure that structures things by setting rules and laws that you need to follow. Belief in God or Angels such as Sachiel, are an example.

Authoritarian spirituality is often associated with religious teachings. In this group of spirituality, people are often also fundamentalists, which means that they don’t accept any other religion or belief. Instead, they believe that their belief system or religion is the only true one.

Service Spirituality

Service spirituality refers to the belief that inner peace is only obtained through helping other people. It involves offering your service to others and expecting nothing in return.

Intellectual Spirituality

Knowledge is the core belief behind intellectual spirituality. You feel a sense of fulfillment by gathering knowledge and exploring spiritual theories. For example, people who are intellectually spiritual often pursue a career in theology.

It doesn’t only come down to learning about other religions. It involves researching and studying any kind of information that helps improve spirituality.

Social Spirituality

When you experience a spiritual awakening while being surrounded by others is known as social spirituality. It involves the practice of being around other people who are also searching for a greater spiritual purpose in life. One way to experience social spirituality is to be a part of a religious group, for example.

You can also achieve this by joining non-religious, spiritual groups. For example, you can take part in nature-related activities or meditation groups.

Types of Spirituality–Explained

Your spiritual health is no less important than your physical and mental health. Learning about the different types of spirituality can help you discover what will fill your spiritual needs the best. If you want to keep reading more on spirituality, check out our blog!


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