Your choice of lawyer can mean the difference between getting fair compensation for your damages and losing what you rightfully deserve. The opposing side often knows when you have weak legal representation and can capitalise on that to minimise your payout. 

Nobody can have enough experience hiring personal injury attorneys because not many people will have more than one car accident in their lifetime. But you do not need to have personal experience in hiring a lawyer. The expert tips highlighted in this article can help you get things right the first time. 

Look For Success Rates

The reputation of your lawyer of choice is very critical in determining the outcome of an injury claim. A good Philadelphia car accident lawyer for your case should be a truly skilled negotiator to help seek the maximum compensation during settlement negotiations. 

Additionally, the lawyer you hire must not be afraid to go to trial, so you will want to check out their success at trial. The reason behind this is simple. Lawyers without success at trial will almost always take any deal to avoid trial. 

Furthermore, your legal representation will be a centre of interest for the opposing side. They will be on the lookout for your lawyer’s experience at trial when determining the offer to put on the table during settlement negotiations. 

Go For A Lawyer Specialising In Auto Accidents

Besides a record of success, you will also want to consider their speciality. A lawyer with a record of success in product liability cases may not be as good at handling car accident claims. 

Most lawyers choose an area of personal injury because clients also focus on a lawyer’s speciality. So, if you had a lawyer that helped you or someone else with another civil or criminal case, they may not be your best pick for a car accident claim. The best idea would be to hire one specialising in auto crashes. 


The busier a lawyer is, the higher the chances that they could be a great lawyer because clients always want to go for the best. But if they have more workload than they can handle, they may not be the best choice for you. Even the best lawyer may not be in their best element when bogged down by more than they can handle.

You can determine a lawyer’s availability when booking the initial consultation. If they keep changing your appointment dates or are in a hurry when they finally meet you for your first consultation, they are probably too busy, and you may want to avoid them. 

A good car accident attorney should be available when they say they will and allow you ample time to share the details of your case.

Honesty And Transparency

Some claims can involve relatively high payouts. So, you want to be sure that you are working with an honest and transparent attorney. One way of determining a lawyer’s honesty and transparency is checking out their reviews on their website and other review sites.

Visiting them is also an excellent way of establishing their honesty. If they are forthcoming with all the fees involved in your case, you probably have an honest lawyer. If they are not forthcoming with information until you dig it out, you should consider taking your business elsewhere.


Car accident claims can involve a lot of paperwork. So, you will need to go for a lawyer with great organisational skills because loss or disorganisation of your paperwork could cost you your rightful compensation. 

There is no way of knowing a lawyer’s organisational skills until you pay them a visit at their office. If it appears untidy and messy, they are not an organised lawyer, and you may want to avoid them. On the other hand, a tidy office shows organisation, which could also mean that your case will be safe with them.


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