Elden Ring
Elden Ring

When you talk to the Elden Ring Beast Manifest, he will give you an item called the Beast Eye. It’s an important item that just says it wants to die more and expects you to give it. Not too much to go based on the small description. In this guide, we detail the effects of Beast Eye in Elden Ring and how it works.

The reason the Animater Missionary gave it to you is so you can give it more Death Eaters. These items are only dropped by a small number of Bosses in the Elden Ring. Whenever you’re near a boss that can drop Deathroot, you’ll get a notification that says “Shaking Beast Eyes”. When you see this message, you’ll want to hunt down the nearby boss and rob the Deathroot it’s hiding in.

These locations are also places where you can summon D, who initially introduced you to the Beast-Mercier in Summonwater Village. D will assist you in taking down the boss every time you summon him, so we recommend trying to talk to him to resolve these encounters. Once you have the Deathroot, bring it back to Beastman Clergy for a reward.


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