What Does CNP Mean in Roblox (Detailed Guide)


Hey folks, there are many shortcuts terms used in Roblox. In fact most of the terms we use on regular basis without knowing the exact meanings of them, right? One such term is CNP. Every other user uses this term very frequently while chatting with his/ her buddies on it, but doesn’t know the exact meaning of it. To use the right terms in right place, one must know the correct meanings of all such slang, so this post is specifically designed to let you know about all such terms of Roblox.

The Meaning of CNP in Roblox

If we go by Roblox wiki, CNP or Copy Paste or Copy and Paste or Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V or C&P is basically a term that is used to specify the aesthetic trend of female avatars. It is also get influenced by contemporary hip-hop, emo, and e-girl or boy culture. This term has been taken from two or more avatars that usually adhere to this trend to appear almost indistinguishable from one another as if they were copied. This term is slang that is exclusive to Roblox.

Well, this is not the only term or we can say slang in Roblox. There are many other terms whose meanings are unknown to the players. let’s get to know about them in detail now :

The Other Slang Exclusive to Roblox and Their Meanings

Like CNP, another popular slang is a dot which is also exclusive to Roblox.  Let us check all the details of it below :

  • .

The single dot or period is basically used to show disagreement, disapproval, disappointment, and a shocking state used to express speechlessness and irritation. If a player has to show negative feelings or the expression of confusion or disagreement then this slang is used.  Moreover, this dot is also used by saying multiple times to hide previous speech.

  • A/C

Here A/c does not mean account or air conditioner, it is used to show accept/counter.  This term is basically used to express trading to request to accept or counter the trade. It is also used to tell someone they want it or not.

  • A/D

Here A/D shows acceptance or decline. It is very much similar to showing agreement or disagreement. It can also be seen as Yes or No.  This is also a trading term that is particularly used to ask others if they want to accept or decline a trade.

  • BA

This term means Bad Alien. This term was popular to use during TNL Twitch live streams since a Roblox administrator accidentally called Alan (JacksSmirkingRevenge) ‘Alien’.

  • Banned forever

This is a popular term that shows the termination of the Roblox account. This slang was basically first used by Roblox Youtuber whose name is Faave.

  • BB

This simply means Brickbattle.

  • Beamed

This term basically promotes those items that got stolen from a particular account.

  • Bloxxed

This is one of the most popular terms used to show that player is killed or defeated by some other players.

  • Bobux

This term may appear as a misspelled word of Robux. But actually, it has come from the CallMeCarson Discord cult. This also promotes satirizing the value of Roblox and gaming microtransactions in general.

  • Roux

This term also appears as a misspelled word of Robux but this become popular instantly.  Although this is completely based on a typo in fact does not have any type of commentary as well.  Also, this term was initially given by Flamingo when a player mistakenly misspelled Robux like this when he was begging in a group wall in the game.

  • Boosted ape

This term is basically used to showcase the players who are powerful because of their friends boosting them to that level.

  • Bootboy

This is also a slangy term that refers to all the male players that remain active in military-related roleplay groups.  It also uses avatars with dome clothing of military and also some accessories and most of the time also taken as stoic or serious.

  • Bypass

This term is also very much popular and particularly used to show any asset like audio, clothing, decals, and many more or chat messages. That may also violate many community rules. But at the same time, can also efficiently manage past initial moderation screening or chat filters.

  • Comped

This is basically a short form used for showing compromisation. This term is basically used to showcase all the Roblox accounts that got hacked. It is also similar to PGed or Beamed.

  • Dev Hunt

Here the hunting represents egg hunts that occur at multiple places.  the main purpose of it is to extend the number of developers that may get profit from the event.

  • Fat legs

This term is basically showcased an avatar trend that usually combines many torsos of ladies with default legs. Here, many community members also claimed it to be ugly and jarring.  This slang also makes trends more iconic and used by most trolls.

  • Get noob/to get noobed

This is also a slangy term that is used as a memetic phrase.  It is primarily created by a popular YouTuber who is known as Flamingo. This is also the most used and common term by the players whenever they win any game.

  • Ice arms/ legs/ limbs

This is a popular term that describes an avatar trend where it shows equipment with arms or legs that was lastly seen in Frost Guard General especially with Robloxian 2.0 and the packages of superheroes. But this term is much used since it is now the most common term to use and is getting outdated.

  • KS

This is another popular abbreviation that is a filter bypass used for a kiss. This slang also represents the killing of stealers especially in the mode of player-vs-player games with the term vulture.

  • LV

This abbreviation is a filter bypass for love. This is also short for level in games with a level system.

  • LVL

This abbreviation is short for level in games that have a level system.

  • NFT

It is usually used in trading games or communities for item that is not for trade.

  • NGF

This is also another popular term that is basically used to say not going first. It si majorly needed that shows mass sending in limited trading or cross trading.

  • Obby

This term is much popular for showing all the obstacles courses.

  • Oof

Another famous slang that represents Roblox’s death sound is Oof.  This term is majorly used to show any negative situation or showcase when something negative has happened with any player and many times ironically as well.

Final Words

Hey folks, this is all about Roblox CNP and its popular terms. I hope you have enjoyed the post and found it informative. If Yes, then share it maximum with your near and dear ones.


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