Risk of Rain 2 has a whole load of new items, and that means it’s time to talk about which are the best for absolutely breaking the game in half. 

Newly added to the Survivor of the Void DLC is Eulogy Zero, a lunar item that gives a 5% chance for all items in the phase to spawn as lunar items. Moon items are one of the rarer drops in the game and are most easily obtained by purchasing them with Moon Coins in the Bazaar Between Time. 

Essentially, lunar items are an item that most players will only get a few of each run unless they fiddle with RNG to get specific drops, but Eulogy Zero drastically reduces the rarity of lunar items due to the five percent chance is that they appear in all lunar item stacks with each Eulogy Zero item the player picks up. 

This opens up Risk of Rain players in the know to be able to stack and stack the effects of moon items to their heart’s content until the game just can’t handle it anymore and potentially crashes. 

Aside from a host of new items, the Survivor of the Void DLC also adds two new playable characters, new levels, and an alternate final boss.


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