The Inside Of A Limo Include
The Inside Of A Limo Include

looks like inside. It’s hard to know how it looks inside if you’ve never ridden in one. You can’t even peep through the windows to see through it because they are heavily tinted to provide privacy to the passengers.

So here’s what’s included inside a limo:

1.    Super Comfortable Seats

Limousines specialize in providing comfort to the people who ride in them. Most of them are fitted with luxurious leather seats that are designed in a different fashion compared to the normal vehicle seats.

They are laid out in a bench-like manner and have a sitting capacity of 8 to 18 people. There’s no limitation of a seat positioned in front of you as is the case in a charter bus or other regular vehicles. As such, you have enough legroom to stretch out as much as you’d like.

2.    An Aux Input

Do you have an amazing playlist on your phone or tablet? Why not let everyone riding in the limo enjoy the songs on it? Limousines have auxiliary inputs that allow you to connect your devices and play the songs on them directly on the stereo system so you can enjoy your selected favorite music while riding in glamor in the limo.

3.    A Stereo System

Speaking about stereo systems, limousines are fitted with state of the art quality stereos that have amazing equalizers, amplifiers, and speakers that strategically fitted around the vehicle and distribute sound evenly so everyone gets to enjoy the music being played regardless of the spot they are seated in the vehicle. 

4.    Quality Screens

It’s hard to find a regular car fitted with large televisions but limousines are not subject to this limitation. Luxury limos are fitted with high-quality LCD screens that are strategically placed in a way that allows everyone in the vehicle to comfortably watch whatever is being aired on the screen.

5.    A DVD Player

In addition to the screens, limos do have in-built DVD players fitted in them. This amenity allows you to play any DVD track you may have with you. You can tag along your favorite movie and watch it using the DVD player.

6.    A Mini-Bar

Limousines are mostly used to grace occasions and we all know that wine does come in handy when people are feeling merry. In most limos, you’ll be sure to find a minibar with wine holders and refrigerated ice bins.

Anyone who wishes to take a drink can just pick from the wine collection available and enjoy. You can alternatively carry your own wine and drink with your fellow passengers.

7.    Climate Control

Limos are fitted with both a front cockpit and rear climate control that allows passengers to adjust the climate settings of the vehicle to their desired preference.

8.    Amazing Opera Lights

Limos are fitted with opera lights that serve to set the mood in the car. They can be adjusted to the passengers’ liking.


Now you know what’s inside a limo. But it’s not enough to just know. You need to ride in one and experience the luxury yourself.  You can hire a limousine today from Price 4 Limo.


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