What does the Safer Spaces item do in Risk of Rain 2? 


The first premium DLC for Risk of Rain 2 is Survivors of the Void, and it brings with it several new mechanics and concepts that enrich every run. Safer Spaces is a new item introduced by the new corruption mechanic in Risk of Rain 2, meaning it can be found in Void Cradles in exchange for 50% of the Survivor’s remaining health.

While many items in Risk of Rain 2’s Survivors of the Void present players with a difficult decision as to whether the increased power is worth the risk, the Safer Spaces item leaves players wondering how they fight. Safer Spaces blocks incoming damage once every fifteen seconds (-10% time per stack) and corrupts the Tougher Times item.

10% is a relatively small cooldown reduction per stack and offers a diminishing return with each additional stack. To use Safer Spaces properly, it’s important to stay away from fast-firing enemies like the Golem to max out the item. At ten stacks, the cooldown for Safer Spaces to trigger is 5.2 seconds. The hyperbolic table for Safer Spaces stacks is:

stackCooldown reduction timeEffective cooldown
base015 seconds
(+1)1.513.5 seconds
(+2)1.3512.15 seconds
(+3)1.21510.935 seconds
(+4)1.09359.8415 seconds
(+5).984158.85735 seconds
(+6)0.8857357.971615 seconds

While Safer Spaces is capable of fully mitigating a damage event, in practice it can be difficult to rely on properly due to the number of enemies in later stages. For example, relying on Safer Spaces to defend against a Wandering Vagrant’s explosion could go awry with a tiny tick of erroneous damage, resulting in a wipe against a mechanic that’s easily avoidable.

As a practical matter, when Survivors pick up Safer Spaces, it’s best to ensure they don’t rely on the damage mitigation provided by their cooldown. Tougher Times has a 15% (+15% per stack) chance to block incoming damage. As such, it may be prudent to avoid Safer Spaces entirely in exchange for a high stack of Tougher Times due to its proc chance versus cooldown.

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