What Factors to Consider When Purchasing   ID Card Straps in Bulk?


Do you know that you can save your organization money by purchasing lanyards in bulk to hold ID cards? Choosing a lanyard includes the type, material, length and width, attachment, and printing. More and more organizations are purchasing customized lanyards for their ID card holders for various reasons. Continue reading to learn more!

What is the Purpose of Using ID Card Straps?

Before buying in bulk, it’s crucial to think about what the ID card straps will be used for. Will they be used for security purposes? For holding employee badges? For having visitor passes? Or for a combination of these things? Once you know the goal, you can better select the type of lanyard that will work best. For example, if they will use them for security purposes, you may want to choose a breakaway lanyard.

Following are the different uses of lanyards:

  • To Hold ID Cards: One of the most common uses for lanyards is to hold ID cards. They make it easy to display ID cards to be easily seen and accessed. Manufacturers of lanyards have come up with various options for holding ID cards, such as clear plastic holders and badge reels.
  • To Hold Badges: Another everyday use for lanyards is to hold badges. They are usually used at events such as trade shows and conferences. They make it easy to display badges to be easily seen and accessed.
  • To Hold Visitor Passes: Some lanyards are designed to hold visitor passes. They usually have a clear plastic holder on one end to easily see the pass.
  • To Hold Key Cards: For businesses that use key cards for security, lanyards can also be used to hold these key cards.  

Things to Consider When Buying in Bulk

Following are a few factors that you need to consider while purchasing lanyards in bulk:

  • Material and Design: Lanyards are available in various materials like cloth, leather, nylon, and polyester. You need to select the one that goes with your company’s image. For example, if you are in the food business, a piece of cloth will be more suitable than one made of polyester. The design should also be such that it can be easily printed or embossed with your company’s logo.
  • Size: The most common size for lanyards is 0.75 inches, but you can also get them in other sizes like 0.50 inches and 0.375 inches. You need to select the size depending on the type of ID card holder that you are using.
  • Type of Attachment to be Used: There are two types of attachments that you can use with lanyards: swivel hooks and split rings. Swivel hooks are more common as they are easier to use. Split rings, on the other hand, provide a more secure connection.
  • Price: When you finally zero in on the type of lanyard you want, compare the prices offered by different suppliers. This will help you get the right deal and find a supplier willing to provide discounts for bulk purchases.

Many platforms offer customized lanyards from different suppliers and manufacturers. It is pivotal to do some research before selecting a supplier, as you need to be sure about the quality of the product. Once you have understood all the factors, you can purchase the perfect lanyards for your organization.


With these vital factors in mind, you can purchase the perfect lanyards for your organization. Do your research to find a reputable supplier who offers discounts for bulk purchases, and select the right size and type of attachment for your needs. With careful consideration, you can find the perfect piece to represent your company professionally and elegantly.

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