What is Cookie Run: Kingdom? All about the flavorful RPG 


You may have heard of Cookie Run: Kingdom but maybe you’re not quite sure what the noise is all about. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play RPG with a huge fanbase. A spin-off of Cookie Run: OvenBreak, fans of the series flocked to the new title when it was released. There were over 3 million pre-registered downloads before release and the game didn’t slow down from there.

The RPG was released on January 20, 2021 by Devsisters. Fans first caught wind of the game in 2017 when Devsisters shared that the game was in development. Cookie Run: Kingdom was supposed to come out much earlier but experienced a few delays. 

Witches baked an abundance of creatures in the distant past, scattering them throughout the world. The most well-known of the creatures were called the Five Cookies. These “wise and powerful” beings rallied others to their cause, becoming rulers of the Cookies and bringing peace to a world that was once chaotic. 

Unfortunately, the new peace didn’t last. A villain emerged, bringing darkness and evil to the world. The Five Cookies rose to the occasion, becoming “guardians of peace” and waging war on the enemy.

There is an abundance of characters in Cookie Run. This includes the heroes, GingerBrave and friends, as well as legends and villains. Here are the main heroes of Cookie Run: Kingdom: 

Pure Vanilla Cookie is known for his pure and wholesome nature. While a powerful magic wielder, Pure Vanilla Cookie only uses his powers to help others. 

This cookie is known for her passion. She believes in strong friendship bonds and knows how hard it is to build trust with others. 

This glam cookie appears to be fashioned out of pure gold. She lives in a gilded palace atop a tall mountain. Her surroundings so bright that others can barely look up at her. 

Void of sweetness, this cookie is cold and reclusive. 

Known to be curious, this pure cookie is always seeking the truth. 

There are an abundance of game modes in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Here are the different game modes to explore:

Story Mode

This is the standard mode where players follow the story of five baked creatures named GingerBrave, Strawberry Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Custard Cookie III, and Chili Pepper Cookie. There is also Dark Mode that is essentially a more difficult version of story mode unlocked after clearing levels 3-25 and getting all the stars. In Dark Mode, players can earn Cookie Soulstones by clearing levels.

Arena Battle

Battle with other players for rewards. Players use different team compositions and rank up characters to come out on top of matches.


In this mode, players can level up their cookies’ skills by getting three levels of powders. The powder ranges from plain old powder to refined powder to pristine powder. 

Tower of Sweet Chaos

This game mode has players complete challenges across multiple levels to earn rewards. This permanent game mode first appeared as part of the Tiers of Chaos update in May 2021. It can be unlocked by clearing stages 4-12 in World Exploration.


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