The Cheapest Way To Change Locks
The Cheapest Way To Change Locks

Well, perhaps a few days ago you didn’t even think to change your door lock, but now the situation is different after you experienced a burglary at your home. Also, when someone moves into a new home or changes the roommate, it is needed.

Lock changing will give your mind peace about your living situation as well as will improve the door’s look. With just little technical skills, you can do the task efficiently. If you have doubts about your protection, then do it as it is cheap and easy.

My motivation for writing this article is to describe the cheapest way to change locks. In my opinion, the most affordable way is to do by yourself. Don’t doubt yourself; it requires less time, fewer tools, little technical skill.

So, in the following part, I am going to give instructions on how to replace a primary deadbolt lock.

What is the Cheapest Way to Change Locks?

As I mentioned earlier, the cheapest way is to do it by yourself. Let’s see what steps you have to follow for this.

Step-1: Purchasing

Your first task is to go to a store and purchase a new lock. You will find several locks with different features, among them, select your preferred one within your budget obviously. 

Step-2: Replacement

Now, as you have the new one, your next step is to remove the old lock. Notice there are two visible bolts in the turn assembly plate. Remove them then the turn plate assembly will be removed automatically.

Next, remove the deadbolt lock assembly, and then you can see through the hole in the door.

Step-3: Removing Old Deadbolt

In step 03, your task will be to remove the old deadbolt. For this, look at the deadbolt plate and put two screws heads holding in a place. Then remove two screws and just pull the deadbolt out of the door. 

Step-4: Installation

Till now, we were talking about removing old parts, and from now on, you will do everything in reverse for installing. But be cautious about the orientation of the different elements. 

For the right orientation, notice the word ‘up’ on the deadbolt and keep that side facing up. Now insert the deadbolt into the door facing up and with short woodscrews, tightly tie it on the place.

Step-5: Bar Protruding

Now it’s time to put in the bar protruding from the new deadbolt lock. Protrude the bar by the channel of the deadbolt itself. Make sure that you have placed the lock mechanism in such a way that the keyhole is vertically aligned. 

On the other hand, in the back of the turn assembly plate, place the bar on the channel. Position the turn assembly plate’s topside at the top. For exposing the bolt holes, twist the knob on the turn assembly. To fasten the turn assembly and the key assembly tightly together using the included bolts.

Step-6: Final Checking

After firmly fastening the new lock in the place, while the door is open, check it by using the key lock and interior turn assembly.

If it is working, then check both with the closed door. So, I hope it is still working. Now give a little appreciation to yourself for successfully replacing the lock.

Final Words

So, these were my 06 easy and cheapest way to change the lock. If you don’t feel confident and don’t want to take the hassle, you can also contact a locksmith. An experienced locksmith will take a few minutes to replace the lock as well as the charge isn’t high.

You will find several experienced Serrurier Bruxelles. If you need information, you can simply search on the internet. 

Although the locksmith will take little charge, if you do it on your own, you have to purchase the new lock, and also, you have to provide your time and effort. 

In contrast, taking the assistance of a locksmith may be a little expensive than that, but you will get the best service and won’t have to be tensed about being a failure.


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