What keeps your transaction data safe in Blockchain?


People are extra cautious when it comes to matters of money. It is inherent in human nature not to take a leap of faith when it concerns money. Hence, at the time of the Bitcoin launch, people were highly skeptical about investing in it. Bitcoin has peaked, people have earned loads of profit. You can gather its current value from bitcoinup. But it is not about Bitcoin anymore.

More than boosting money-making scopes, Bitcoin has unearthed such a technology that will serve the people in all ways possible. The introduction of Blockchain Technology has to be the most remarkable event among the current discoveries.

How Does Blockchain Work?

A Blockchain is a series of interconnected blocks. Maodong Xu explains that a Blockchain is a series of interconnected blocks. All blocks bear unalterable data. It is nearly impossible to hack into the network and alter data. All blocks are connected, meaning an alteration in one will require modifications in all the others, which has to happen simultaneously, which is unachievable in a large chain. A small Blockchain network can be susceptible to hacking, but that is not the case with the larger ones. A majority of 51% has to be reached before data in blocks can be altered.

For hackers to change the data, they would have to change the data from all the blocks simultaneously. This modification requires colossal computing power from various computers since it cannot be accessed from a single point.

Each user has two keys to access the network: a private key and a public key. The public key allows people to send information or currency, while the private key allows their wallets. Hackers usually hack into users’ wallets and steal their coins. Blockchain has ensured the minimization of this kind of theft. Here’s how:

  • To avoid hacking, users do not leave their wallets on the internet. There are mobile wallets, computer wallets, and hardware wallets to the rescue.
  • Mobile and computer wallets are still risky in case the devices are stolen and hacked into.
  • A hardware wallet is the safest of the three. It runs almost no risk of detection.

Blockchain has shown significant progress in strengthening its security over the years. The threat to Bitcoin scams has been reduced considerably over the decade.

How is Data Stored?

The data is encrypted in the blocks through Cryptography. The private keys are used as digital signatures to access the data. If the data in the block is somehow modified, the private key will be deemed invalid. Since this exists in a network and all blocks are connected, the peers immediately get notified when such a thing happens. In a situation like this, an instant exposure of the hacker’s intention can help save the contents of the user’s wallet. These networks are regularly updated, and blocks are kept in sync to ensure maximum security.

Security in Public and Private Blockchains

Before using Blockchain Technology, one must be fully aware of the differences between a Public Blockchain and a Private Blockchain. There are specific differences between the two as far as security is concerned. The Public Blockchain is accessible to all, while the Private Blockchain grants access only to the people concerned. Bitcoin is the first Public Blockchain to have existed. Private Enterprises should make use of Private Blockchains to maintain their company’s privacy. This sort of Blockchain has both advantages and disadvantages compared to the Public Blockchain.

Public Blockchains are massive networks. It is an unattainable feat to hack into them. Private Blockchains are comparatively smaller in size; thus, the question of hacking cannot be done away with just yet. However, they are safer due to limited access to it, unlike a Public Blockchain. In terms of energy conservation, too, a Private Blockchain is preferred.


Blockchain technology has come a long way from being used just for Bitcoin to be used everywhere possible. Many developments are taking place accordingly. Blockchain has the potential to make privacy a thing of the present, eventually.


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