What Makes A Certified Casino The Best Place To Play?


At the time when online casinos started new, there was spurious gambling all around. That was because of an absence of laws to regulate such activities online. Many people tried to outsmart the gambling software while casinos tried to victimize players.

Hence, the initial years of online gambling were something that most people stayed away from. However, with strict regulations and fair gambling policies in place, that picture has changed over time. 

Here we look at what certifications offer casinos and their players in particular and how it benefits them.

Why Online Casinos Need a Gambling License?

Gone are the days when anyone could start up an online casino without a proper license. Nowadays there are cyber laws and regulations that will prevent anyone from setting up such an eCommerce venture without proper licensing.

Hence, like any online retailer, all virtual casino owners need to get their hands on a license for running such a domain. While laws vary from one country to another, there are many offshore licensing bodies that allow domain owners to run such businesses legally in many countries.

The benefits that licensing bodies provide to online casinos are the following:

  • They allow such domains to have a legal presence in many countries.
  • Citizens from different countries can create accounts and gamble on such domains.
  • Most licensing bodies offer competitive terms such as low or zero rates as fiscal benefits to such commercial ventures.
  • Licensed domains get access to many payment gateway providers or merchants.
  • Renowned casino brands will work with licensed casino sites only.
  • Authenticity and credibility of a valid license help any new casino domain to start business and be profitable in a few months.

Nowadays no casino company will risk setting up a spam presence since they will sooner or later be shut down.

Also, like all businesses, there are customer disputes and other business demands that arise at online casinos. Only a strong licensed and regulated framework is the reason for the success and endurance of all reputed and long-standing casino sites.

The Malta Gambling License is widely considered as one of the most respected in the world. The Visit Online Casino Groups and discover the newest certified casinos with MGA License. 

Benefits of Certified Casinos for Players

  • Certified Games

This is one of the main reasons that casinos are licensed, to ensure that games are certified, audited, and are of licensed brands. They in turn ensure that all gambling outcomes are fair and follow the random number generation principle. Games at any certified casino adhere to the following:

  • Licensed

All certified and licensed sites are required to partner with casino software brands that are licensed themselves

  • Audited

Most online casinos tie-up with independent audit organizations such as ECOGRA, and PWC which audit their gaming software at regular intervals. They also audit withdrawals, and payoff terms and test the security of website systems.

  • Published Game Information

All certified game providers make the necessary information available to the players. Hence, they can click on a game title and get to know details such as bonus features, payout percentage, RTP, and so forth before they wager on a game.

  • Technical Support

All certified sites have support for their games. Indeed, this is a tie-up between the game providers and casino management. Games have separate technical help from the software brand while other issues are handled by the casino team.

Casinos that are licensed, reliable, and reputed ensure that all necessary information is available for all game software on their site. Certificates help increase credibility among customers as well as potential users. Audit certificates are usually made available for all customers to examine. These ensure that all software at a site is following fair gambling policies. 

Reliable Payment Terms

This is the other important factor that customers need to consider before they sign up at a casino site. They need to be sure that the deposits they make will remain in their cashier section; also, they should find their withdrawals processed as per the terms mentioned.

Whenever there are disputes related to payment, the licensing authority comes into play as a third-party arbitrator. Customers can mail in their complaints with necessary proof. In many cases, court cases are also held and mediated over by the licensing authorities.

Security of Personal Information

Nowadays all regulated sites require their customers to register an account with personal information. This pertains to providing a valid email address, phone number, address proof, and age proof. In certain cases, income proof is also asked for.

Hence, with all such documentation provided, customers need to feel secure that their personal information will remain safe. Licensed sites are obligated by necessary laws to ensure the security of all customer account data. In case any violation is found, complaints about the casino can be forwarded to the licensing body. 

Dependable Promos and Offers

All casinos nowadays make registration at their site a welcoming affair with several bonuses and promotions. However, how well they carry out the terms of these bonuses also lies in their reliability and reputation.

All certified casino sites are required to be fair as per their payment terms and conditions. This applies to bonus terms as well. Hence, if a casino states that a bonus can be withdrawn only after wagering terms are carried out, this should happen in reality. In case a casino violates its bonus terms, it can be held liable by the licensing authority, when a customer complains about it. 

Responsive Customer Support

Certified sites are also required to have reliable customer assistance. They are required to provide working telephone lines, respond to emails and complaints within a fixed timeline, and so forth.

Not only should they have numerous ways for customers to reach out but also to ensure that customers are satisfied with the assistance they receive.


Certification of casino sites ensures that players have a reliable and enjoyable gambling experience. They can be sure that games are of licensed brands and that payments would be processed on time. Also, if anything goes amiss, they are assured of responsive customer support, either from the casino or from the licensing body.


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