Ibiza is all about standing out from the crowd and making an impression. You’re on holiday, so embrace the vibrant culture with a holiday wardrobe that will knock ’em dead.


In Ibiza, t-shirts are never dull. Whether you go with stripes, fades, prints or checks is a matter of personal taste, but the key to styling for your Ibiza holiday is standing out from the crowd. Go bright. Go bold.


Vests are great on hotter days if you happen to be sightseeing rather than working on your tan and popping a couple into your suitcase is never a bad move. Don’t be afraid to be bold and bright here – don’t you want to be noticed?


You might want to take a shirt or two as evening-wear. Cotton tends to travel better (hang in the bathroom when you’re showering to help the creases come out), while shirts which offer a looser fit can feel much cooler to wear too; which is always essential when you’re baking in the hot Ibiza sun.


There are three types of shorts you need in your Ibiza wardrobe. Lightweight daytime shorts that are comfy to wear when it’s heating up; slightly smarter shorts to pair with a shirt (such as chino shorts) as these are an excellent choice for evening wear; and, of course, a pair or two of swim shorts for lounging by the pool or on the beach.


You’ll probably want at least one pair of swim shorts, but they pack really small so you can always fit several into your suitcase, and they are so easy to wear. They’re typically available in prints, stripes, plains and patterns, so you can choose something that will be stylish, fun and really fit in with the vibrant Ibiza theme of your holiday.

Trunks are also acceptable, but many holidaymakers can find them to be a little restrictive and revealing, so this really comes down to your own personal preference. If you aren’t sure, we suggest you stick to tighter cut swim shorts as a compromise.


You’ll probably want at least two pairs of trainers. A daytime pair, which should be comfy for walking around a lot, and an evening pair which can be a bit more stylish and will keep you dancing long into the night. Don’t forget to pack trainer liners (or socks if you must) to prevent sweaty feet from stinking out your hotel room.

A pair of sliders or sandals is a good choice for around the pool (poolsides in direct sunshine will get hot!). Stylish and easy to pack, they’re ideal for lounging around in. Sportier designs may also be suitable for days when foot comfort is essential.


The first thing anyone who looks at your face is going to see is your sunglasses, so make sure to choose a good pair, Designer sunglasses are great, but take a bit of time to make sure that the actual pair you choose suits your face shape and fits. A good pair gives you effortless style, a poorly fitting pair ends up looking like a cheap knock-off.


You can’t sun cream your head, so take a cap to protect it. You really don’t want to get sunburn on your scalp, and a cap is the easiest way to block the sun while still looking stylish. A bandanna or buff could also be worn if you’re not a cap person.


When choosing a suitcase to pack everything into, make sure it’s strong, lockable and distinguishable. If your suitcase is a dull color, jazz it up with a bright luggage tag or strap – it’ll be a lot easier to grab at baggage reclaim.

Are you ready for Ibiza? Is Ibiza ready for you? Happy holiday!


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