When is Mother’s Day 2022? UK date of Mothering Sunday – why is it celebrated on different days around world 


With the majority of the world celebrating Mother’s Day on a different date from here in the UK, it’s a regular occurance for many of us across the country to be fooled into thinking we have somehow missed the day altogether – don’t panic, you haven’t actually forgotten Mother’s Day!

This is everything you need to know.

When is Mother’s Day 2022 in UK?

In the UK, the date of Mother’s Day is set by the celebration’s Christian foundation as Mothering Sunday. This year, it fell on Sunday 27 March. 

For many, Mother’s Day is associated closely with daffodils (Photo: Joe Maher/Getty Images)

You’d be forgiven if you lose track of when Mother’s Day occurs, as it doesn’t always fall on the same date – keep in mind that it always takes place on the fourth Sunday in the festival of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

It should be noted that in the UK, we celebrate Mothering Sunday, rather than Mother’s Day, with the “mothering” side of things bearing no connection to mums in the way that we celebrate it today.

Its origins trace back to the Middle Ages, when children who had left their families in order to work in domestic service were allowed to return to their home, or “mother”, church.

As the years went by, the occasion took on a more celebratory tone, with traditions emerging that allowed the fasting rules of Lent to be relaxed, allowing hungry revellers to enjoy a long-awaited feast.

To pinpoint the transformation of the day from that of a church related occasion to what we know now, one only needs to look at America.

The American festival of Mother’s Day, which is held later in the year across the pond and which also bears no religious connotations, first came around in 1907 by Anna Jarvis.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated around the world?

It’s common for many of us to see that Mother’s Day is trending on Twitter and, in a panic, quickly look up when Mother’s Day is in the UK, only to be met with relief that that day isn’t Mother’s Day over here. 

Around the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on a number of different dates – for example, in Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 8 March, in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

In Egypt, Lebanon and Qatar, it’s celebrated on 21 March, which is the same date as the spring equinox. 

In Panama, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 8 December, which is the same date as Immaculate Conception Day, which celebrates the life and immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary.

A huge chunk of the world celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, including the United States, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Turkey, Ukraine, Iceland, Italy and many more.

Gift ideas

With Christmas having only just gotten out of the way, it can be a little tricky sometimes to think of a nice gift that you can get for Mother’s Day.

If you’re thinking of something along the lines of jewellery, why not go for something which also incorporates her gemstone for her birth month?

If your mother is keen on flowers, a flower subscription could be right up her alley – for example, the Bloom and Wild flower gift subscription will see its recipient sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a set amount of time – either three, six or 12 months – or for as long as you fancy.

Should your mother be a fan of wine more than flowers then fear not – there are plenty of wine subscription boxes to choose from instead. Savage Wines have subscription boxes starting at £29.95, and you can choose to receive between two and 12 bottles per month, and whether you want red or white – or both.

If your mum isn’t a big drinker, that doesn’t mean she has to miss out on tasty cocktails. There are loads of non-alcoholic spirits to choose from these days, like STRYKK Not Vodka, Ceder’s Pink Rose Non Alcoholic Spirit and Lyre’s Amaretti Bottling Note, all of which have zero alcohol. If you are thinking of something cocktail based, then you can go wrong with a cocktail shaker set as well. 

A Ninja appliance would be perfect for those whose mother’s love whipping up a storm in the kitchen – there’s a whole range of items to choose from, like the Foodi Blender & Soup Maker, 3-in-1 Food Processor and the Ninja Air Fryer. 

If she’s more of an outdoorsy type, then a pair of winter boots, a gilet and a brand spanking new one person tent could make her camping dreams come true.

Card ideas

When it comes to cards, there are a couple different routes you can go down, such as the handmade, DIY option, or a personalised one from a website, for example.

Have you got something planned for Mother’s Day? (Photo: DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)

If you’re thinking that a homemade card might be the one for you, there are loads of YouTube tutorials you can follow to create something really special, such as:

  • A pull tab origami envelope card with a surprise message
  • A rainbow waterfall Mother’s Day card
  • flower pop-up card
  • paper heart with a message

Activity ideas

There are lots of different things you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mum.

To kick off the day, breakfast in bed is a classic, whether that means cooking it up yourself or ordering an elaborate breakfast from her favourite restaurant or cafe, it’s sure to be appreciated.

If she has a green thumb, a flower arranging class could be the activity for her – either in person or taking a virtual class together.

Alternatively, perhaps she’s long overdue for a spa day. You could send her to the professionals to get thoroughly pampered, or you could do an at-home spa day, with face masks and manicures.

Afternoon tea is also a very popular Mother’s Day treat, so you can choose to book her in somewhere for the real deal, or you could spend the day putting in the effort to make scones, sandwiches and cakes at home instead.

When it comes down to it, every mother will be different, with different preferences, hobbies and tastes. Take the time to figure out what your mum likes and try to centre an activity around that thing – and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Around the UK, Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed to various degrees, meaning that you should have plenty of options to choose from to celebrate the day with your mum – just make sure and double check that things are open.


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