When to Hire a Family Attorney


Different attorneys have specialisations in different areas, and a family attorney can help you make decisions that mainly affect your family. Finding a good attorney who specialises in family law can represent you in some legal proceedings necessary to protect your interests.

Family law deals with family issues such as marriage, divorce, child support, and adoptions. These laws may vary in different states and countries, but they all protect the interests of a family.

Of course, you can choose to hire an attorney anytime depending on how urgently you need their services. However, there are some situations in which you are recommended to have an attorney who can help in your family matters anytime.

Here are some instances where you should hire a family attorney:

1. Family Issues

This is a wide area with different categories that will need the expertise of an attorney to help resolve issues if the need arises. These categories can include the following:

  • Divorce: This is the most common issue you would need a family lawyer for. After a disagreement leading to separation, the need for an attorney is a must to solve issues that come afterwards. These issues can include child custody, child support and visitation, and division of property. To ensure a divorce process goes smoothly, it’s imperative to hire a lawyer that’s well-versed in contested divorce matters. Their experience will be vitally important if the case cannot be settled prior to trial.
  • Guardianship: A family attorney is needed in the event a parent or parents cannot offer their children with the adequate care. Here, a guardian can come in to help make adult decisions concerning the child.
  • Domestic Abuse: When you feel you have been mistreated by your partner, you can have an attorney help you observe the precautions you need to follow to keep you and your children safe.
  • Child Adoption: Adoption is a great act of humanity, but you need to do it legally. When deciding to adopt, you will need an attorney to make sure the adoption process runs smoothly and lawfully.

A family law firm may also help with other incidences that can add up to this list as they can provide a full range of services relating to every aspect of family law.

2. Filing Important Documents

Family attorneys can help in keeping important family documents. These documents can be presented as proof in case of any issues.

The Power of Attorney (POA) is a document giving another person permission to act on behalf of yourself. You can give someone permission to take care of your children or the family business when you are unable to due to sickness or old age.

Having an attorney present will ensure the deal is signed and the person given the responsibilities follows all the rules that have been laid down. An attorney can also give advice on the best person who can be responsible for such tasks.

3. Writing Estate Plans And Wills

As mentioned, family lawyers manage legal issues within the family. When drafting estate plans and wills, it’s important to have an attorney present to keep the records of the will. When passing over your property to other family members after retirement or death, the family attorney can make sure the will is followed just as the owner wrote it to prevent any conflicts from arising. The attorney can also provide some legal advice and act as a mediator in case conflicts happen.

4. Forming Civil Unions And Domestic Partnerships

A civil union is a legal relationship between two people who enjoy marriage rights, although it’s not a marriage. In other words, a domestic partnership is an interpersonal relationship between people who share a common life but are not married.

Unfortunately, these unions and partnerships are not considered legal in all countries and states. Before deciding to form one, you need to consult a family lawyer if it’s legal in your location or not.

These unions and partnerships are common in pairs who want their rights protected in a similar way like marriage rights. If you’ve followed this route, you must have a lawyer who will guide you through the process and make sure it’s legal.

In Conclusion

Apart from the aforementioned cases, there are many other instances when you will need an attorney to help act as a mediator or represent you in court in case of a conflict.

Other self-explanatory factors include someone hurting you physically without your consent, damage to property, land disputes, and violation of human rights.

Before hiring an attorney, you need to keep off scammers and fakers. Learn more about how to choose a family law attorney whom you can trust and rely on.


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