Where to Spot Wild Dolphins in Spain


Where to Spot Wild Dolphins in Spain.

World Day for Captive Dolphins is celebrated every year on July 4, and the day aims to end dolphins being kept in captivity across the globe. Many countries around the world have dolphins in captivity and in the past they bought in many tourists. The world’s view on captive dolphins is changing and many people prefer to see them in their natural environment instead.

Dolphins are stunning creatures and they can grow between two and nine metres long depending on the species. The aquatic animals are beautiful and intelligent and can communicate with each other. Many people believe that these animals do not deserve to be in captivity.

According to Marine Connection, on July 4, “we remember the thousands of dolphins held in captivity around the world. Living in the confines of tanks and sea pens, with a very different and limited social environment to that they would enjoy in the wild – all to entertain the public and make a profit for the zoos, marine parks and companies who hold them.”

“Please urge travel companies and tour operators to stop promoting dolphin shows and swim programmes, and instead, offer more non-animal based excursions to their customers.”

Spain boast many places to see dolphins in the wild and this includes Mazarrón Bay in Murcia where locals and tourists alike can take a dolphin watching tour to see them in their natural environment. Dolphins can be spotted in the waters of the Gulf of Vera, which is located between the provinces of Murcia and Almeria.

The can also be spotted south of Spain’s Canary Islands as they are attracted to the deep water which has plenty of fish for them to eat. The best time of year to spot dolphins here is in spring and summer.

Dolphins can also be spotted in the Cantabrian Sea, Rias Baixas in Galicia and along the Cadiz Coast in the Strait of Gibraltar.


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