Who are Mylo and Claggor in Arcane? 


Mylo and Claggor are two of Vander’s adopted children and members of Vi and Jinx’s childhood gang in the new animated series Arcane. As Undercity Nights winds on, more and more fans are turning their attention to the new characters in the animated show.

While fans’ first time hearing them may have been in Arcane’s first act, clues have been laid about their existence for a while. From previous clues to Arcane’s big reveal, here’s everything you need to know about Claggor and Mylo.

Are Mylo and Claggor Vander’s sons?

Mylo and Claggor are street urchins in the undercity of Zaun, and serve as secondary characters for the origin story of sisters-turned-champions Vi and Jinx. There’s no firm confirmation on whether they are adopted children like Vi and Jinx, but all signs point to such. Mylo is a loud-mouthed and cocky kid who seems desperate to prove himself by getting back at his aristocratic Zaunite oppressors. Claggor is a quiet and reserved youth who seems to live by the adage of speaking softly while carrying a big stick. Both accompany Vi and Jinx on their heist of Jayce’s Kiraaman-funded laboratory, which becomes the inciting event for the rest of the series.

Mylo appears in Ekko’s origin story comic, where Ekko repeatedly tries to save his friends. The unfortunate fate that Mylo suffers in this comic may have been different at the time of writing, but we’ve seen Mylo as a character before.

Claggor’s previous reference is much more subtle and didn’t even have his name attached to it. Claggor wears a set of signature goggles throughout his appearance in Arcane. These same goggles can be seen on Vi’s original splash art, where she wears the exact same set of goggles. We haven’t yet seen Vi acquire the goggles, but it looks like she will eventually take them on as he own.

Both Claggor and Mylo die in their attempt to free Vander from the grasp of the villainous Silco. Jinx’s improvised grenade, formed from a toy monkey and a Hextech crystal, works all too well, collapsing portions of the building in on itself.

Will Mylo and Claggor be champions in League of Legends?

Mylo and Claggor are unlikely to become champions in League of Legends. Neither of them has had any clues laid that portray them as anything but dead and gone in League of Legends’ current-day canon. While Arcane may play host to some future champions, Mylo and Claggor almost certainly are not on that list.


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