lightest person in boxing
lightest person in boxing

The match between Gervonta Davis and Isaac Cruz probably leaves fans with more questions than answers about who is the world’s best lightweight boxer. 

Light boxing is one of the richest disciplines in terms of talent. There is a majority title holder but many candidates show promise. Gervonta Davis was one of those fighting for the right to take over the division, but challenge against Isaac Cruz revealed several reasons to doubt his prospects.

Even if a unified or undisputed champion is in a division, fans and pros alike keep an eye out for upcoming challengers who could transform the division’s leaderboard. . Potential is a word that gets thrown away a lot, but for a good reason.

The top level fighters in the light division have more potential than most. Boxers like Gervonta Davis, Isaac Cruz, Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, Teofimo Lopez, and George Kambosos Jr are all under 30. Hypothetically, all of them still have room for improvement. We tend to consider 30-32 years old as the age at which a boxer peaks. It’s exciting to see so many boxers in a division with so much promise.

Who has the highest ceiling is anyone’s guess, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear favorite at this point. Yes, Kambosos Jr already has 3 out of 4 championship titles, but that doesn’t mean he will be the top dog in 2 years.

Every top lightweight boxer has some degree of vulnerability, and that’s okay. People call the best fight the best, but it’s silly to take down any of the previously mentioned fighters.

Gervonta Davis may prove to be the lightest of the bunch, but there’s a lot of competition, and so far, George Kambosos Jr. winning

There is no such thing as a perfect or invincible warrior, and there never will be. It’s fun to debate who will win a potential match, but you never know how things will play out in the ring. Most people, myself included, don’t see Kambosos beat Lopez. That match illustrates how many variables the outcome of a battle can be. It is not an exact science.

Many consider questions surrounding Lopez’s fitness and mental health participate in the Kambosos war as an excuse. They are the factors that really play an important role in a boxer’s performance. Personal problems and trauma determine the fate of a fighter all the time. They can change the outcome of a war. For example, Davis’ broken arm gave Cruz a legitimate opportunity for a surprise win.

Stress and emotional problems can disrupt a boxer’s training camps and self-esteem. We’ve seen boxers lose shape and lose miserably. It happened to Mike Tyson in his fight against James ‘Buster’ Douglas. Shawn Porter might have a better chance against Terence Crawford if he has a better camp. The drama behind the scenes can be the difference between victory and defeat. Sometimes, those excuses are valid.

It’s easy to get frustrated with Boxing business. It seems all too often that the best don’t fight the best, but there’s still hope in the light division. We’re seeing some elite warriors go head-to-head, albeit sometimes by mistake.

Kambosos proved he is a champion through victory, while Cruz proved it in defeat. Those two contests revealed gems in Kambosos and Cruz that would have gone undiscovered if other matches had been made in their places.

Haney fought Jojo Diaz, which added credence to Haney’s claim to be a light force. We’ve had three impressive lightweight games in a couple of weeks. Righteous fights are being made, and the fighters are proving their worth.

It will take time to see which light fighters land at the top of the list or there may be a revolving door. Either way, we’re getting answers and have more faith that the best will fight the best.


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