Who is TikToker Adored Dog Pudgy Died Death Reason Cause Age Net Worth And All Details


The death news of the adored and very much cherished TikTok famed dog, Pudgy Woke aka Pudgy the dog spread like a wildfire over social media and because of this the owner of the dog, named, “Malachy James” came forward and released a Youtube video, in which he revealed how his beloved dog passed away. Pudgy who was a furry chihuahua passed away in a tragic dog attack. What made him special among the netizens and over other social media platforms was said to be his bark. His bark made him famous among everyone and for which he was even titled as the “Owa Owa dog”.

Death Reason of Pudgy

On 16th July 2021, Malachy uploaded a video over his youtube channel and named it, “What happened to Pudgy”. In that video, he confirmed the passing of the dearest social media dog after being attacked by another dog and also narrated the whole incident. Malachy stated that at the time of the incident, he was with one of the guys who has his dog on a rope. The guy introduced him and Malachy introduced him to his beloved dog, Pudgy.

The guy extremely liked Pudgy at the very instant and asked Malachy to introduce Pudgy to his dog. So, when Malachy put his dog down, he assumed that they are about to sniff each other, as that’s what dogs are supposed to do at the first meeting. However, in this case, it was the opposite, as the dog immediately attacked Pudgy and Malachy was fighting with that dog.

Malachy also pronounced that he took Pudgy to a nearby animal hospital where he was treated. Malachy further stated that he thought that after getting some stitches, his dog would be fine, however, he was told by the doctor, that Pudgy need surgery that will cost between 12k to 15k. When Malachy agreed with it, the doctors also revealed that the odds that Pudgy will survive are quite low even following the operation. Thus, he had to make the difficult choice of putting Pudgy down.

After the passing of Pudgy was confirmed, the admirers and true fans of Pudgy paid their last tribute to the deceased dog over social media. Pudgy had a humungous fan base on several social media platforms including, Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram. Thus, the death news of Pudgy came as a shocking piece of information for everyone. Moreover, the one who is badly affected by Pudgy’s death is Malachy and our heartfelt condolences are with him.


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