Who Is Vanessa Dubasso Dating? Everything You Need to Know! 


Vanessa Dubasso is an accomplished American performer. Her credits include Modern Family, Legion, After We Collided, and others. Vanessa Dubasso also appeared in the film He’s All That, starring Tik Tok dance queen Addison Rae. She has a bright and promising acting future ahead of her.

Who Is Vanessa Dubasso Dating?

Vanessa Dubasso is dating actor and musician Samuel Larsen. Because they are both quite private about their personal lives, little information about their romantic lives is available. Vanessa and Samuel’s love affair began in the late 2019s, according to certain credible online sources. On Valentine’s Day 2020, Samuel also wished Vanessa a Happy Valentine.

Is Vanessa Dubasso Available on Instagram?

Vanessa, like any other celebrity, is a regular Instagram user. ‘@imvanessadubasso’ has over 62K followers. The lady used to share her fascinating life stories on social media and frequently posed for Instagram modeling.

Apart from that, there is no information regarding the lady’s previous relationships; nonetheless, her lover Samuel was previously linked to actress Scout Taylor-Compton. Their relationship, however, did not endure long, and they broke up after two years of dating.

How Old Is Vanessa Dubasso?

Vanessa Dubasso is an American actress who was born on October 20, 1992, in Los Angeles, California. She was born to an unknown American parent. Dubasso is also an American citizen with a white ethnic background.

Vanessa has many fond childhood memories. She constantly expresses gratitude to her parents for enabling her to pursue her passions in life.

Professional Life and Career

Vanessa Dubasso is a seasoned performer. She has done so much in her professional life. Dubas got her start in the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars. Vanessa has starred in Modern Family, After We Collided, and Modern Family.

Vanessa also as Mary in the 2020 horror film Revenge Ride. In 2012, she was discovered in the short film Things are Insane, for which she received the prestigious Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival’s best-supporting entertainment award. She was also seen in the film He’s All That by Jennifer Aniston. Vanessa was also a model who was endorsed by Model Mayhem.

Samuel Larsen is a well-known singer, model, and artist. He also won The Glee Project in 2011, on August 21. On the Fox network show Glee, Samuel played Joe Hart, a regular guy. Larsen was also a member of Bridges I Burn. On October 27, 2014, Samuel released his introduction to EP Vices.

Samuel was also spotted auditioning for the ninth season of American Idol in 2010. Unfortunately, he was discarded. He’s also done some runway work for fashion designer Ashton Michael. After that, he started busking in Los Angeles and applying to The Glee Project.

As third individuals, Samuel and Skip Arnold formed the band Bridges I Burn and later Salvatre Spinelli. Samuel Larsen has also composed and performed much of his own music. Larsen has also spent time with the musical group Palaye Royale. He’s also auditioned for the role of Sam Evans on Glee. Samuel appeared in thirteen episodes of the third season of Heart, portraying Joe Hart, a self-taught Christian.

Samuel Larsen appeared in the music videos Gym Class Heroes, Stereo Hearts, and a mashup of The Association’s love and Madonna’s Cherish. He also returned for the second season of The Glee Projects as a tutor.


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