Who Killed Alison In Pretty Little Liars? (Explained) 

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As her friends, who are known as “The Liars,” attempt to find out the truth behind what happened to their “queen bee” friend, they find themselves tangled in a massive web of lies including countless people from around town.

Although the series has ended and even spawned a spinoff series, fans have loved the twists and turns that this series has taken over the years.

Who Killed Alison In Pretty Little Liars?

Charlotte and Jessica DiLaurentis attempt to kill Alison DiLaurentis in Pretty Little Liars, but the whole situation turns out to be a complete misunderstanding of the situation.

The reason Charlotte killed Alison was that she thought that her adoptive sister and cousin was going to kill her adoptive mother, who is also her aunt.

Charlotte DiLaurentis hit Alison in the back of the head with a rock, causing her to black out and seem dead.

Jessica DiLaurentis witnesses her daughter’s attempted murder and decided to bury Alison’s body in their backyard.

When her body was discovered, the autopsy revealed that the head injury that Alison suffered wasn’t the cause of her death.

Instead, she had suffocated due to being buried alive and her lungs filling up with dirt.

Jessica and Charlotte DiLaurentis do an excellent job hiding the truth about the events that occurred on the night of September 1st of 2009.

Initially, they shifted the blame to Alison’s ex-boyfriend Toby Cavanaugh because he had a tattoo with the date of her death that included the phrase “Free at Last.”

Despite his innocence, Cavanaugh is being hunted down by the Rosewood Police Department and feels that he will be convicted of the murder whether he’s guilty or not.

He decides to run away, only for the police department to catch him and later reveal that he’s innocent thanks to the blood evidence being corrupted.

The next false suspect to fall victim to this case was Ian Thomas, Melissa Hastings’s boyfriend.

Ian was only cleared of suspicion after The Liars killed him with a bullet to the head and a fake note written by “A” that claims that Ian was admitting to killing Alison.

The gang also finds footage of him leaving Kissing Rock without Alison.

In What Episode Is Alison DiLaurentis Revealed To Be Alive?

Alison DiLaurentis is revealed to be alive in the 12th episode of season four, which is also known as “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.”

It was also revealed that it was Carla Grunwald who pulled Alison out of her shallow grave.

Alison DiLaurentis was able to call for Grunwald’s help without anyone knowing because Grunwald was a psychic.

After it’s revealed that Alison isn’t dead, The Liars begin to believe that she is actually the mysterious “Red Coat,” a blonde woman who has been watching The Liars from afar.

The Liars don’t know what happened on the night of September 1st of 2009 until the episode “A is for Answers,” in which the gang meets Alison in New York.

Alison tells her friends that she knows that her mother watched her seemingly die and that Grunwald had tried taking her to the hospital.

Fearing that she could be murdered effectively a second time, Alison ran away and bumped into Mona Vanderwaal, who took her to Lost Woods Resort.

While at the resort, Vanderwaal convinced Alison to fake her death and take on a new identity in order to get out of the grasp of the mysterious A.

That next morning, Alison took on the identity of Vivian Darkbloom and decided to leave Rosewood for her own safety.

Her friends manage to convince her to come back to Rosewood, which ends up being a major shock for the entire town.

Alison finds out that Charlotte was the one who hit her over the head and decides to have her institutionalized.

After five years of intense therapy, Alison fought to have Charlotte released into her care.

Charlotte is then mysteriously murdered, leading Alison’s friends to believe that Alison is A.

This is actually a plot created by A to isolate Alison.

Who Was Buried In Alison’s Grave?

Bethany Young was actually the person who was incorrectly identified as Alison DiLaurentis and placed in her grave by mistake.

She was the one who Charlotte DiLaurentis believed was Alison on the night of September 1st of 2009.

Bethany and Charlotte first met each other at Radley Sanitarium, where Charlotte first confided in Bethany about her transgender identity.

After growing close to one another, they began planning their escape while chatting on the roof.

At the time, Charlotte was wearing a yellow dress that Bethany felt looked good on her friend.

A sweet moment quickly took a turn for the worse when Marion Cavanaugh found them on the roof, which Charlotte believed would cause a major fallout.

Bethany Young agreed to help her friend and went to speak with Cavanaugh about what she had seen.

Moments later, Bethany pushed Cavanaugh off of the roof and caused Cavanaugh to fall to her death.

When Charlotte began to scold her friend over the murder, Bethany turned the entire situation on her and blamed Charlotte for pushing Marion.

When the police began to interview patients and staff members, Bethany told them that it was Charlotte who killed Marion, and they believed her.

Charlotte DiLaurentis was then incorrectly diagnosed with an intermittent explosive disorder, which Bethany Young should have been diagnosed with.

Shortly afterward, she was introduced to Jessica DiLaurentis who was the head of the Sanitarium’s board.

Seemingly as a way to lift Bethany’s spirits after the death of Cavanaugh, Jessica took Bethany to a stable where Jessica then purchased a horse named Custard for Bethany.

However, Bethany later discovered that Custard was just a hush present to keep Jessica and Bethany’s father’s affair a secret.

Bethany later took Charlotte’s clothing and left the Sanatorium, intending to murder Jessica DiLaurentis for their relationship.

Who Has Been “A” In Pretty Little Liars?

Three different people have taken on the identity of A throughout Pretty Little Liars.

The Original A was Mona Vanderwaal, who served as the antagonist during both season one and season two.

Mona Vanderwaal was first motivated to become A after the relentless bullying she had received from Alison DiLaurentis and her gang of mean girls.

However, Vanderwaal found a new sense of popularity within her community and decided to revise her plan in order to maintain it.

During her reign as A, Vanderwaal spent her time blackmailing the members of The Liars into exposing their secrets.

Similar to every person who took on the identity of A, Mona Vanderwaal had a small A-Team that included Lucas Gottesman and Melissa Hastings, both of whom she blackmailed into assisting her.

Mona is sent to Radley Sanitarium after her identity as the Original A is exposed, where she is then given tense psychiatric treatment.

After she is released from the Sanitarium, Vanderwaal discovers that someone else has taken on the identity of A and is eager to assist them.

The next person to take on the identity of A was Charlotte DiLaurentis, who is frequently referred to as Big A.

Mona and Charlotte became friends during their time in Sanitarium after Mona told Charlotte that Alison’s friends were happy when they discovered that she had died.

Charlotte was furious because she believed that Alison deserved friends who wanted to see her alive and thriving, leading Charlotte to become an even more violent iteration of A.

The only way her reign as A ended was after her murder.

Charlotte’s murder caused the creation of Uber A, who was the most lethal A of all.

DiLaurentis’s secret half-sister Alex Drake was more murderous and violent than anyone before.

Did Alison Have Emily’s Baby?

Yes, Alison had Emily’s baby after she was artificially inseminated with Emily’s eggs and Wren Kingston.

The pregnancy was a shock to Alison because it occurred during her stay at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital by Archer Dunhill.

At first, Alison was terrified because she wasn’t sure if she was ready to become a mother to her abusive ex-husband’s children.

However, she is able to find peace in Emily after her brutal treatment at Welby, and they fall in love as Alison has never fallen in love before.

Before discovering that she was carrying Emily’s baby, she had planned to have an abortion.

Instead, Alison discovers that it was actually her baby when she receives a gift from Uber A, which was supposedly meant for her “egg donor.”

Inside the gift is a necklace with Emily’s name on it, which causes her to remember how the artificial insemination happened.

After discovering that she was not impregnated by Archer Dunhill, she begins to reconsider becoming a mother.

The couple finally has a breakthrough in their relationship when Emily asks Alison why she keeps pushing her away despite wanting to be close to her at the same time.

Alison explains that she doesn’t know the exact reason she began to push Emily away, but she was ready to stop and decided that she wanted to have a family with Emily.

After this revelation, Alison adds that she failed in so many of her previous relationships and never wanted to ruin their relationship with the usual excuses she’d come up with.

What made Emily different from every person Alison had dated before was the fact that Alison genuinely loved Emily.

Their pregnancy resulted in the two of them growing much closer and later revealed that the pair were having twin daughters named Grace and Lily.

Why Did Alison And Emily Get Divorced?

Alison and Emily decided to get divorced during Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists because they couldn’t maintain a stable relationship and suffered from major trust issues due to Alison’s past.

Despite Alison DeLaurentis claiming that she loved Emily Fields enough to change, DeLaurentis had a difficult time letting go of her mean girl tendencies.

In the Pretty Little Liars spin-off series, Alison had moved to Beacon Heights to take a teaching job at the local university.

Alison promised to prove to Emily that she could change by becoming a supportive mentor to her students, despite struggling to be encouraging or inspiring.

After the murder of a student named Nolan, Alison becomes the guiding hand for her students Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan.

As Alison begins to dive into the local murder mystery, she begins to miss texts and phone calls from Emily.

Due to the state of their relationship, Alison feels too anxious to speak with Emily because she is expecting divorce papers after seeing Emily with her ring off in a social media post with their twins.

She is reminded by Mona that Alison must have known where their relationship was heading after she moved across the country to take her teaching job.

Although Alison has been telling herself that she moved and took the teaching job to prove to Emily that she could live a trustworthy life, she discovers that she really moved away because the pain of living close to Emily and no longer being a couple was too intense for her to handle.

After a glass of wine, Alison signs the divorce papers and emails Emily.

She apologizes for her lack of communication and claims that the final step of their divorce has been difficult for her.

To distract herself, Alison dives back into the murder case.

Why Is Alison Afraid Of Ezra?

Alison DeLaurentis was afraid of Ezra Fitz because he was upset with her for lying about her age and begins to fear even more after she discovers that he is working on a true crime book.

In his book, Fitz plans to tell every detail he discovers.

Alison first met Ezra in a pub during the summer before her disappearance and began dating him.

After Ezra discovered her actual age, Alison is forced to leave and never see him again even though Ezra genuinely liked her.

Ezra Fitz earned himself the pseudonym “Board Shorts” thanks to his tendency to enjoy a Board Shorts Ale alongside boysenberry pie.

The Liars were first introduced to “Board Shorts” in season four when Alison’s parrot Tippi says “Hey Board Shorts, miss me?” around Hanna Marin in Alison’s voice.

It wasn’t until “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” that The Liars discover that Alison had lied about her age to “Board Shorts” and had planned on taking him to Cape May.

Spencer Hastings is finally able to decode a majority of the story in the episode “Bite Your Tongue” and discovers that Ezra Fitz is the mysterious man everyone has been searching for.

In “Free Fall,” Ezra admits to Aria Montgomery that the only reason he decided to date her was to get more information on Alison for his book.

Ezra discovers that he is actually in love with Aria and begins looking for her to make things right between them.

Shortly after the couple is able to reunite, Ezra was shot and managed to live.

Ezra would be brought back into the picture during season five to show that he has kept manuscripts for the sole purpose of giving them back to Aria.

He also returns in season six.

Who Was “Beach Hottie?”

“Beach Hottie” was the pseudonym that Alison DiLaurentis used for Darren Wilden, whom she had a sexual relationship with during her time in Cape May.

At the time, they had been partying with Melissa and CeCe.

At one point, Alison became worried that she was pregnant with his child and confided in CeCe that she feared what his reaction would be.

Throughout his life, Darren Wilden was known for being a womanizer and had slept with multiple older women, including Jessica DeLaurentis and Ashley Marin.

Because Alison was underaged at the time of their sexual relationship, Wilden knew that he would be imprisoned if his actions were revealed.

Wilden was willing to do whatever it took to keep his crooked nature out of the public eye, including murdering Garrett Reynolds.

Eventually, Hanna Marin confronts Wilden about his sexual relationship with Alison after Charlotte told Emily Fields that she believes that Alison is still alive after seeing a woman who looked like her in a red coat.

Darren Wilden convinces Ashley Marin to keep her daughter Hanna out of his private affairs and goes as far as to threaten to kill Hanna if she keeps looking into his past relationship with Alison.

After Wilden discovers that Alison is still alive, he focuses his attention on killing Alison for real.

Charlotte discovers Wilden’s plans and decides to have him killed.

Little does Wilden know, Charlotte DeLaurentis is CeCe Drake, the one Alison originally told about their relationship and her false pregnancy.

She lures Wilden to Thornhill Lodge and has him killed while The Liars and Mona Vanderwaal are trapped.

In order to ensure that Wilden is dead, Charlotte has Sara Harvey attend his funeral as The Black Widow.

Who Broke Alison’s Memorial?

Lucas Gottesman was discovered to be the one who broke Alison’s memorial bench by Detective Darren Wilden.

Wilden first informed The Liars of what happened to their friend’s memorial while they were at Rosewood High.

The detective originally suspected Emily Fields because she came to school with muddy shoes.

The real reason that Emily’s shoes were muddy was that she had received a text from Original A, who wanted her to bury some things.

Mona Vanderwaal didn’t appreciate the way that Lucas Gottesman was getting in the way of her and Hanna’s relationship.

This made him the perfect target for Mona, so she blackmailed him into becoming a part of her A-Team.

However, Wilden is certain that Emily is the one who destroyed Alison’s memorial after he found a letter that she had written to The Liars.

Wilden even begins to accuse Emily of being the one who murdered Alison.

Emily explained that she had felt bad about the terrible things she had about Alison in her letter and explained that she had gone to Alison’s memorial bench to ask for forgiveness from Alison.

By the time she arrived, the memorial had already been broken.

It’s later revealed that Wilden stole Emily’s bag, which contained the letter that she wrote about Alison to The Liars.

Wilden was taken off the case and not even The Liars chose to believe the detective’s accusations because they deemed Emily too sweet to ever commit murder.

Lucas doesn’t reveal he was the one who broke the memorial until “Salt Meets Wound” when he admits his crime to Hanna while she’s in the hospital.

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