who won the voice 21
who won the voice 21

As we sat down for The Voice’s Season 21 finale of The Voice we knew it would be awe-inspiring — not only because for the first-time there was a collective (Team Kelly Clarkson’s girl Named Tom) seemed likely to be the winner. (In fact it was the case that The Voice’s mobile app incorrectly declared them the winners prior to showtime.) It’s also notable because — and perhaps you were not so sure I can’t think of an episode where I’d been this happy regardless of the outcome. of the contestants emerged victorious.

Did I mention my favorite songs? Yes, I did, just as Ariana Grande could not let go of the contestant she was a part of without tears. I’ve been obsessed with Girl Named Tom since Episode 1.. Did they ever receive an A or a grade lower than an A for me? However, The team John Legend’s Jershika Maple captured my heart and awed my ears, too. (Could she have done more than she did on Monday night? Can anybody had?) and stage presence aside the fact that there is no doubt That Team Blake Shelton’s Wendy Moten has a voice that will appeal to all older generations.

The Team Blake’s Paris Winningham kinda lost steam as the contest progressed as did the team Kelly’s Hailey “She’s Only 14!” Mia was a bit hit-and-miss throughout However, I enjoyed themtoo so much that I would not be tempted to throw something at television even if they’d taken the title. Who did take home the win? In the past, even before we could find out that, we were treated to an amazing performance. Its most memorable performances…

Coldplay/BTS “My Universe” | We’re off. The first song we played consisted with Chris Martin bopping around while the K-pop idols came on stage and vanished from his stage, like glitchy Princess Leia Holograms. I’m sure it’s not me, but this track… you know super generic?

Hailey Mia and Kelly Clarkson, “Funny” -Hailey’s grade is B- Kelly’s 14 year old contestant carried her self pretty well here in the majority of her performance although, while singing with the coach of her, it’s difficult to overlook how more rich her American Idol winner’s voice was. Hailey’s talent is good, but it is like… an appetizer which isn’t 100% done cooking and isn’t even finished cooking.

Walker Hayes, “Fancy Like” | I’m sure there’s some way that this track could have been more entertaining and I’ll try my best whether I can even imagine the details. From the lyrics, which have me hungry and amused to that easy-going choreography, this jolly like to. (See how I did it? Was that what I was trying to accomplish? No? Moving to… )

Paris Winningham and Blake Shelton, “Love Train” -The song was a hit with the public. Paris Grade B It’s odd that Blake would join forces together with Paris for something different than a country track We are aware that Paris performs them well. well. However it was a good choice, and the O’Jays classic was a good option, particularly for the person whose time in the spotlight was meant to be. Maybe it was the sheer number of background singers, but it was far more entertaining over Paris’ “Ain’t Nobody” Monday night.

Keke Palmer, and Tori Kelly, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” | The number of the tag team taken from Sing 2 was a complete joy. Do you think their voices could have complimented each other’s more? It’s hard to say what the reason was for why that the Top 13 was on stage alongside them, however. It was great to see everyone and everyone, but it’s not that you could discern any individual’s voice in the background noise.

Jershika Maple , and John Legend, “O Holy Night” Jershika’s Grade: A It’s not an easy feat to surpass an EGO winner however, for me, Jershika did it. John sang as beautifully and effortlessly as eggnog but there’s so much pure soul in Jershika’s voice She blew my breath away.

Ed Sheeran, “Shivers” | Season 21’s Mega Mentor who is equally charming and talented completely ruled the stage by himself, while bringing on his clap-along an intensity and a sense of intimacy which made me think, “Wait, is this too personal? Do I really need to really be paying attention?” Loved it, however, as he could have advised to a contestant, it’s an unwise idea to close your eyes every now and then.

Jennifer Lopez, “On My Way” | Interesting. J.Lo was lying down on the piano prior to when she was scheduled to perform her beautiful marital Me song. It was initially difficult to determine the reason why the curtains were on however, it was later made evident that she was to serve as a screen to show scenes from the film. This number did not make it to the screen… except if you take a step the stairs up that leads to… it’s there’s no where. The team legend’s Joshua Vacanti could’ve made this incredible.

John Legend and Carrie Underwood, “Hallelujah” | The two sound as amazing as peanut butter and chocolate taste. This shouldn’t come as a shock I suppose and that’s the reason they’re the best. It was lovely to hear a couple that was so well-matched. It wasn’t a Leonard Cohen classic, by the way It was a song for Christmas from her album of the same name.

Girl named Tom as well as Kelly Clarkson, “Leave Before You Love Me” The song was performed by Kelly Clarkson and Girl Named Tom.GNT’s grade First of all, I’d love to be living in the living room set, where the group as well as their coach started their performance. However, the performance was not GNT’s best. They were loose. That is nice however it wasn’t terribly tight. And everyone had difficulties staying on the mic. It wasn’t terrible however, regular performances like this wouldn’t have us wanting to see their triumph.

Wendy Moten and Blake Shelton, “Just a Fool” Wendy’s grade B+ Eh. It started off a bit uncertain to me but certainly picked up speed as it moved through. Then, we finally got those massive, amazing Wendy vocals we were searching for. Well, listening for. Me, I’m going to remember Wendy in her hit songs “Over the Rainbow” and “I Will Always Love You” instead.

Alicia Keys, “Old Memories” | Oh what I’ve missed of the former voice coach from her swivel chair. She performed here an appearance that suggested that we look up the dictionary to locate her image next to”perfection. “perfection.” Not to be a jerk however, this was far more engaging than the likes of Coldplay and she didn’t require any images to keep our interest.

Ariana Grande, and Kid Cudi, “Just Look Up” | The fact that Ariana performed like an eerie dream isn’t an unexpected surprise. However, the fact that she sang it in what appeared to be a huge shower curtain that was yellow was. It was an beautiful shower curtain but… you know what I mean. At about half way through the song of Don’t look up, Kid Cudi showed up, rapped in a gentle style, and then wandered around Ari. Curious.

In the moment of the truth…

Fifth Place
Jershika The Maple (Team Legend) — Oh, my God this isn’t right!

Fourth Place
Hailey Mia (Team Kelly)

Third Place
Paris Winningham (Team Blake)

Wendy Moten (Team Blake)

Season 21 Winner(s)
Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly


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